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New Music | Basement Revolver – Words

Hamilton, Ontario trio Basement Revolver have released a great new single called “Words” off of their upcoming self-titled EP, out July 15th via Fear of Missing Out Records. The second track comes a few months after the band dropped their debut song, “Johnny,” which received quite a bit of well deserved attention, and had music sites everywhere eagerly awaiting more shimmery Canadian melodies. “Words” begins with a crack of an amp coming to life, and as the drums and guitars kick in, singer Chrisy Hurn’s voice softens the tone, whirling her introspective lyrics through a lo-fi landscape created by band-mates Nimal Agalawatte (bass/synth), and Brandon Munroe (drums).…

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New Music | Shovels & Rope – I Know

To say we are excited to get new music from Shovels & Rope is an understatement and we are super happy to share the super-fuzzy new single, “I Know,” with y’all today. The new album, Little Seeds, won’t be out until the autumn weather arrives so we have a while to go yet, but this track is great way to weave some South Carolina sweetgrass into your summertime rock n’ roll basket. Yes, that Charleston slang was added to the post for maximum effect. Delving into the subject of jealousy, and revealing the darker side of success, “I Know” is a kick-drum response of kinetic energy and distorted reverb…

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Black Pistol Fire @ The Sinclair

To say we were excited to experience Black Pistol Fire last week at the Sinclair is an understatement. I’ve certainly experienced their records, but having not seen them, I prepped myself catching a boatload of videos of their live shows. It’s obvious listening to their records the live show was going to be amazing in that “holy shit these guys sound amazing live” way. Touring on their newest record, Don’t Wake the Riot, which dropped last month, I settled in, whiskey in hand to a lively crowd (understatement) at the Sinclair. From the second the Austin via Toronto Band stepped…

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#50WordReview | Joe Purdy: Who Will Be Next

All hail the return of the protest song. Joe Purdy brings back songs that cut to the root of our issues and plead that we all treat each other as we should—with tolerance and kindness. It’s time for our music to mean something again. This is an important album.     * Reminds us of: music that mean something, Woodstock, sigh… Dylan * Add to queue: New Year’s Eve, Who Will Be Next, Children of Privilege, Cairo Walls, Maybe We’ll All Get Along Someday     Joe Purdy: Soundcloud | iTunes | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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New Music | Ages & Ages – They Want More

Portland, Oregon’s Ages & Ages have completed work on their third album, Something to Ruin, which will be released August 19th, via Partisan Records, and we have the excellent single, “They Want More,” to share with you fine people. The track is a beautifully harmonious response to the pressure felt to keep up with the ever changing world and the idea of not conforming to what has become the status quo. In fact the album itself was created as a kind of cultural response to how the world seems to have lost its way by prioritizing the all mighty dollar and disregarding…

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New Music | False Heads – Thick Skin

Just when you think to yourself “Man o’ man I need a rock n’ roll kick in the pants to get me through the day” along comes a kick in the rock n’ roll pants in the form of a new single titled “Thick Skin,” from East London band False Heads. The 3-piece are garnering quite a lot of buzz across the pond with their frenetic live shows and for bringing that early British, take-no-shit, punk rock attitude that the godfathers of the scene brought to the table decades ago. Hell speaking of godfathers of the scene, Iggy Pop himself…

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New Music | Joe Purdy – New Years Eve

If there was ever a stirring song that could shake you to the core, it’s Joe Purdy’s newest, “New Years Eve.” Written as a reflection of the year past, and looking to the future, it’s a shining example of pure optimism in songwriting form, and I’ll be damned if I don’t agree with every god damn word of it. This call for hope, peace and unity carries a torch of the 60’s movements, and sounds like it came recorded on a tape and sat and gathered dust somewhere in a basement at Stax. Good luck not putting it on repeat. The…

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Video | Foxtails Brigade – We Are Not Ourselves

Oakland-based band Foxtails Brigade have a new spooky video directed by the band’s drummer, Dominic Mercurio, for the excellent single, “We Are Not Ourselves,” off their self-tilted album which was released on April 8th via OIM Records. The Californian quintet are becoming well known (and well loved) for their unique brand of orchestral-indie rock, along with their ability to create a Vincent Price meets Tim Burton world of chilling horror and bloodcurdling macabre with each new video.

Take a look at the eerie, body-snatching fun above…if you dare! It’s OK if you need to watch with your hands covering your eyes. Also be sure to check out the other amazing video directed by Mercurio for “Far Away and Long Ago” to keep those goosebumps going.

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Boston Calling 2016 | Saturday + Sunday

By Martin Smith Days two and three of Boston Calling provided music that was as diverse as the weather (Saturday 90s, Sunday 50s). The contrast between bands was often stark, starting with hip-hop and moving anywhere from instrumental jam bands, to 70s soul, to top 40 pop, but always landing on high energy dance-your-face-off artists from around the world. With all the big acts involved in this festival you could have flipped a coin to choose the headliners. Crowd favorites Miike Snow and Janelle Monáe finished earlier in the nights with Odesza and Robyn closing the show on Saturday night and…

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Boston Calling 2016 | Friday

The little festival that could is flexing into a festival that has and will continue to impress, at least that’s what Friday proved at Boston Calling. Hours before the gates opened on opening night, plans for next year had been released: a solo Spring edition, sprawling across the Harvard athletic complex in Allston, and with a film festival curated by Natalie Portman. The rigidity imposed on Boston Calling by the brick plaza and city restrictions has often made the festival feel tame- as if Disney hosted the proceedings. So it was fitting that this swan song for the Government Center location would feature a grandiose pop…

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