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New Music | Leif Vollebekk – Elegy

I’ve been an on-and-off fan of Leif Vollebekk ever since his La Blogothèque version of Cairo Blues, (click that link, trust) but between then and now, nothing has grabbed me the way the first single off of his upcoming album Twin Solitude has grabbed me. I simply can not shake this tune from my brain. With his work at times reminiscent of Ryan Adams (one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriters,) I’m always drawn to listen to his work, however, this song—instrumentally at least—seems a bit of a departure for the Canadian troubadour. “Elegy” hits listeners with sparse instrumentation composed mainly…

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Newport Folk Festival ’17 Tickets on Sale

Our favorite festival (by far) is about to sell their 2017 stock tomorrow and I feel like it’s my duty to impress upon the fact that if you haven’t gone, or you are thinking about it this year that I can unequivocally say it will be worth it whether you know the lineup or not. Every single year we return to the fort to join our summer music family at the hallowed grounds of Fort Adams. It’s a place and a festival like no other, it is near and dear to our heart and we want to make sure that…

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Video | The Digs – Gunslinger

You know we love The Digs over here. A couple of weeks ago, they put out a video for one of my own personal favorites of their songs, “Gunslinger.” It’s all old westerns, as you might have guessed – gunfights, fistfights, barfights – but also some foxy babes doing shots or recreationally not wearing shirts. And one gorilla. So, you know, regular Wild West stuff. If you feel like you don’t have enough of the above listed things in your life, although primarily I mean “songs played by The Digs” and doing shots, although I suppose possibly also barfights if you…

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New Music / Video | Nikki Lane – Highway Queen

Nashville’s queen of outlaw country is back with a brand new video for the title-track off her upcoming album, Highway Queen, due out February 17th, 2017 via New West. This is Nikki Lane’s third album and it follows her critically acclaimed sophomore release, All Or Nothin’, which came out back in the spring of 2014. It is this writer’s opinion that Nikki helped pave the way for the resurgence of country music (and when I say country music I mean REAL COUNTRY MUSIC) that is currently finding a new audience in the indie rock landscape. Many of today’s wonderful musicians, like Sturgill and Margo, have taken…

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Photos + Review | Aaron Lee Tasjan + Brian Wright + Cowboy & Lady House Show

Who doesn’t love a good house show? Getting a glimpse into strangers’ medicine cabinets? Count me in! Truthfully, house shows offer such a unique experience, and I’ve yet to attend one that didn’t leave a lasting impression. Wednesday was no exception, and in fact was one of the best. Especially on this day, while our country is in a state of civil unrest, following the results of the election. Nothing brings people together like music, and Aaron Lee Tasjan and Brian Wright, hosted by Cowboy & Lady (Tyler-James Kelly and Jess Powers) in their home on the west end of…

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New Music | Matt Costa – Call My Name

There’s no getting around it. Here in New England, we’ve officially passed into the chilly months. Night are below freezing, the grass is frosted white in the mornings, and the very last stalwarts are finally giving in and turning the heat on. But if you—like me—are continually grasping for that last bastion of warmer weather, troubadour Matt Costa has thrown us a lifeline. “Call My Name” off of the soundtrack to Orange Sunshine is the kind of old-school, surf-tinged love song that would be right at home next to a bonfire on a beach in California. With the texture of…

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Photos + Review | Mandolin Orange + My Bubba @ The Sinclair

It was fantastic to come out to Cambridge’s Sinclair, walk towards the stage and see that it was near impossible to find a place to stand. We’d all packed in to see a band who’s latest release is a palette of intimacy and emotion from two of the most sincere and genuine artists I’ve come across. The Sinclair was packed elbow to elbow, and was intensely focused on Andrew Marlin, and Emily Frantz every harmony. And boy can they harmonize, and leave you awestruck. It’s hard to imagine a band or artist out there that comes across more sincere than…

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Video | Ray & Remora – Honey Beware

I don’t write about dream-pop very often (you’d be forgiven for replying “You don’t write about anything very often,” I know, mea culpa), but this is different. This is Ray & Remora’s latest, “Honey Beware,” and this video was shot in a very sweaty bar in Austin, Texas this year in August. I know this because I was there. Let’s back up. Ray & Remora. From LA, used to be a two-piece but now they’re more (having added keyboards and drums for their new album). The Remora of the name is Amanda Walker and her gorgeous, ethereal voice, and the Ray,…

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Photos | Joseph @ Brighton Music Hall

If you were anywhere near Brighton Music Hall this past Thursday night, you likely fell victim to all the charms of Portland, Oregon’s latest family export Joseph. Sisters Meg, Allie, and Nat Closner brought their folk-pop talents to a packed house and didn’t leave any of the diverse crowd wanting. With splendid harmonies and solid hooks, the sisters and their more-than-capable band, took a journey through songs that reminisced all parts of their lives and brought the house along with them, in spirit and voice. There’s no doubt that selling out BMH is just the first step on the way…

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Photos | Smith&Weeden + Dylan Sevey & The Gentlemen @ Columbus Theatre

Recently, the Northeast lost yet another quality local musician (and person) to the ever-growing musical mecca that is Nashville. Dylan Sevey (Dylan Sevey and the Gentlemen / Smith&Weeden) said goodbye to New England and two of his bands to officially get after it as the yin to Ron Gallo’s yang. OK, he’s playing drums, but the whole yin/yang thing sounded better. We couldn’t let Dylan head out without an official send off, though. Graciously hosted by the folks at The Columbus Theatre, friends, family and frienemies gathered to hear and join The Quahogs, Dylan Sevey and the Gentlemen and Smith&Weeden…

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