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New Music | Shovels & Rope – St. Anne’s Parade

There’s a whole lot of anticipation building for the new album, Little Seeds, and it goes without saying that we are pretty big fans of Shovels & Rope, so it’s my pleasure to be able to share with you the lovely video for the new single, “St. Anne’s Parade,” which premiered over on NPR this morning. The song is a beautiful tribute to life itself, as in you should realize it’s all too brief a moment so make the time you have count. With a gentle mandolin strumming the two sing into an old-timey microphone while images of a wedding march for friends…

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New Music | The Tallest Man on Earth – Rivers

If there’s one thing Kristian Matsson excels at, it’s writing beautiful songs that seem to swirl around as if being propped up by the lightest wind. New single, “Rivers,” dances in just that way with delicately finger plucked guitar notes, subtle horns surround the sound that paints a beautiful picture of his poignant inner reflections. This is the second single that’s been released this year, although no details have been released on an upcoming record, I suspect there’s more music to come from this balladeer. I guess we’ll keep an eye out as a string of live dates through Europe…

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Review | Adam Remnant – When I Was a Boy EP

In 2011, I wrote lovingly about one of my favorite records of the year titled, Canary, by the Athens OH band Southeast Engine. It was full of wonderfully penned stories about an Appalachian family at the turn of the 20th century. Since 2012 the band has wound down, but with great pleasure I’m happy to hear that singer and primary songwriter Adam Remnant, has finally reemerged as a solo artist. Last week, he released When I Was a Boy EP, via Trailer Fire Records. The 6 songs that make up Remnant’s, When I Was a Boy EP, were assembled together…

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Photos | Dorothy @ Royale

Living in the Boston area, we’re lucky to have a fantastic array of amazing musicians from every genre calling our fair city home. But sometimes, as a music freak, you fall for a band from another part of the country that you get very few chances to see work their magic. For me, Dorothy is one of those bands. Since I happened upon their self-titled EP in early 2015, their songs have been blasting out of my speakers on a regular basis. And finally, on tour in support of the first LP ROCKISDEAD (Spotify / iTunes / Google Play /…

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Saturday at Newport Folk 2016 in Photos

Saturday at the Folk Fest… Remember our Friday Folk post where the discussion of cloning oneself so that you could catch all the acts came to life. Well Saturday’s lineup had me tossing and turning trying to figure out how to pull off something of this magnitude for perfect Music Savage coverage. In hindsight I should have gotten a few hours more sleep but that’s neither here nor there. Let’s get to the folkin’ amazingness that was Day 2 shall we? What we saw on the Fort Stage. Nashville troubadour Rayland Baxter kicked off the day’s performances here to an enthusiastic crowd who…

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Sunday at Newport Folk 2016 in Photos | And So It Ends

The last look back on Newport Folk is always the hardest to write because that is when the reality of it being over truly sinks in. Everyone involved lives off the festival vibes for weeks, sharing stories, posting photos, and writing reviews to keep the internet flush with memories of a weekend well spent. The bands that took the various stages on Sunday were nothing short of spectacular. Sure most of us have seen these wonderful musicians in other venues across the country, even across the world, but when each and every one of them step out from behind the curtain…

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Friday at Newport Folk 2016 in Photos

Friday at the Folk Fest… Really very hard to believe that we are already a week removed from the shear greatness that was NFF ’16 and all we have now are our memories to keep us going through the normal routine of our lives. Nothing wrong with that of course. If we all were to spend every weekend like that, surrounded by great music and amazing people in a spectacular location, would they be as special as the fourth week of July? Yes! Friday. Opening day. People arriving to the Fort in droves via ferry, bike, bus, teleportation. Maybe not…

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New Music | Regina Spektor – Bleeding Heart

It’s been four long years since we have had new music from New York singer-songwriter Regina Spektor and the wait is finally over. Spektor’s upcoming album, Remember Us To Life, will be released September 30th via Sire/Warner Bros. Records and we have the lead off single, “Bleeding Heart,” to share with you wonderful people. In 2012 the musician welcomed her first child into the world, which is a very good reason for stepping away from recording and touring. She spent a good deal of time writing and finding inspiration during her time away from the spotlight and the joys of being a new mother, along…

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Video | It Was Romance – Hooking Up With Girls

It might just be my specific vintage, but I feel like the “x was 20 years ago, can you believe it?” stuff is coming fast and furious these days; every day it’s the anniversary of something that seems like just yesterday. Well, It Was Romance is going to go us one better on that. They’ve put out a video for their latest, “Hooking Up With Girls,” and the video is a shot-for-shot remake of Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” video. Not even kidding a little bit. Here’s the original, for proof. And “Criminal” is 20 years old this year. I know. We are…

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Newport Folk Festival 2016 | And So It Begins

It’s our favorite time of the year here at Music Savage. We anticipate Newport Folk Festival for three hundred and sixty two days… and here we are. Ready to run back n’ forth between stages in hopes of catching all of the bands on the list we have so meticulously put together, knowing full well that despite the planning all thoughts of keeping a schedule float away on the harbor breeze the moment the music kicks into gear. The level of excitement is not only measured by the moments we spend in front of the stage where our must see musician is currently holding court,…

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