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Newport Folk Festival 2016 | And So It Begins

It’s our favorite time of the year here at Music Savage. We anticipate Newport Folk Festival for three hundred and sixty two days… and here we are. Ready to run back n’ forth between stages in hopes of catching all of the bands on the list we have so meticulously put together, knowing full well that despite the planning all thoughts of keeping a schedule float away on the harbor breeze the moment the music kicks into gear. The level of excitement is not only measured by the moments we spend in front of the stage where our must see musician is currently holding court,…

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New Music | False Heads – Slew

UK trio False Heads have released another rock ass-kicking in the form of a new single titled, “Slew,” that pretty much shores up their status as the keepers of the British punk rock flame. You think that’s hyperbole? Go ahead and press play on that track up there to receive your rock n’ roll smack down in the form of heavy base lines that attack like a swarm of bees, guitar riffs that shred like Wolverine, and drum beats so vicious you may need to check yourself for bruises. These guys are being praised by just about everyone in the music industry for good reason. They…

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New Music | Bo Rocha – Enough For You

I am a sucker for a song with heavy beats perfectly mixed together with an amazing voice. With that secret shared I will admit that when I pressed play on the latest single, “Enough For You,” from London-based musician/producer Bo Rocha, I simply had to post the track here so that all of you could join me in a worldwide office chair dance-off. It’s easy to do. Play song. Dance in your chair like nobody is watching. You win! “Enough For You” is the second single from the up and coming artist and follows her debut track, “Hold My Gaze,” from her new…

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New Music | The Silks – Live and Learn

Those lovable rock scoundrels The Silks are — thankfully — at it again. A PVD-based southern-rock/blues/country band “that makes you want to go buy a Firebird and drive around with the T-tops off while pumping your fist in the air”(that’s right, I just quoted myself from 2.5 years ago,) The Silks have been making a name for themselves for the past few years by kicking ass and taking names everywhere from Somerville living rooms to The Fillmore. And while nothing will ever compare to seeing these musical magicians in the flesh, we’re all going to have a new official album…

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New Music | Pixies – Um Chagga Lagga

Boston’s rock n’ roll scene changed a great deal back in 1986 when our beloved Pixies formed and began to build an alt-rock legacy with the release of their debut album, Surfer Rosa, two years later. We all know the tumultuous story behind the band’s history so there’s no need to go through all that on this post, but it’s safe to say that despite the issues of decades past getting new music from the venerable foursome is always exciting. “Um Chagga Lagga” is the first single to be released from the Pixies’ sixth album (second album post-reunion) and it hearkens back to the earlier,…

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Video | Courtney Barnett – Elevator Operator

Courtney Barnett likes to have fun in her videos and I believe fun videos make the world a better place, so here’s the Aussie rockers new one for her excellent song, “Elevator Operator,” from her smashing debut album Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit. It’s guaranteed to make your day more enjoyable. It’s chock-full of rock n’ roll musician cameos, I won’t name them here so you can play the “name that artist” game yourself and see if you get them all. A big internet high-five if you do.

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New Music | Maggie Rogers – Alaska

Admittedly we are a bit behind the proverbial eight-ball here on this amazing song from recent NYU graduate Maggie Rogers but as the saying goes better late than never. “Alaska” has been described as a folk/dance hybrid, and it most certainly has that going on in abundance, and yet there is much more to it than a mixture of two different styles of music. The ease at which this young singer-songwriter blends her folk sensibility into an electronic swirl of beautifully crafted dance-beats is incredible, especially for a musician who had no previous experience in that world until just recently, and all…

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New Music | Breanna Barbara – Nothin But Your Lovin

The year of women who are kicking serious musical ass continues on this beautiful morning with the latest from Brooklyn-based musician Breanna Barbara. In this video by Joshua Shoemaker, Barbara performs “Nothing But Your Lovin” a spaced-out, blues-tinged, country rocker with Matt Menold of Clear Plastic Masks, Richard Harper and Ben Trimble of Fly Golden Eagle, and Casey McAllister from Langhorn Slim. The combination of Barbara’s range and soul with the bands tighter-than-a-ducks-ass-going-down-a-waterslide performance makes this a song you need be listening to late in the day on this hazy holiday weekend. Also: Gimmie more.

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New Music | Basement Revolver – Words

Hamilton, Ontario trio Basement Revolver have released a great new single called “Words” off of their upcoming self-titled EP, out July 15th via Fear of Missing Out Records. The second track comes a few months after the band dropped their debut song, “Johnny,” which received quite a bit of well deserved attention, and had music sites everywhere eagerly awaiting more shimmery Canadian melodies. “Words” begins with a crack of an amp coming to life, and as the drums and guitars kick in, singer Chrisy Hurn’s voice softens the tone, whirling her introspective lyrics through a lo-fi landscape created by band-mates Nimal Agalawatte (bass/synth), and Brandon Munroe (drums).…

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New Music | Shovels & Rope – I Know

To say we are excited to get new music from Shovels & Rope is an understatement and we are super happy to share the super-fuzzy new single, “I Know,” with y’all today. The new album, Little Seeds, won’t be out until the autumn weather arrives so we have a while to go yet, but this track is great way to weave some South Carolina sweetgrass into your summertime rock n’ roll basket. Yes, that Charleston slang was added to the post for maximum effect. Delving into the subject of jealousy, and revealing the darker side of success, “I Know” is a kick-drum response of kinetic energy and distorted reverb…

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