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Photos | RayLand Baxter + Margaret GLaspy @ Brighton Music HaLL

Two RayLand Baxter shows in 6 days? Twist my arm. This time, I was fortunate enough to catch RayLand and his new band (and a fuLL set from Margaret GLaspy!) about two hours and 30 minutes cLoser to my humbLe abode at Brighton Music HaLL. I arrived just as Margaret took the stage (unfortunateLy missing an opening set from LocaL kiLLers Last Good Tooth,) and from the minute I entered untiL the Last notes of the show it seemed more and more peopLe kept packing the room. I didn’t hear that it had soLd out, but if it wasn’t, it couLdn’t…

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New Music | Eskimeaux – Power

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, what’s better than a song that pecks at the frailty power we yield to those that we love. Isn’t that a romantic notion? Eskimeaux’s “Power” explores the subject, wrapped in a sleepy bedroom pop song, that’s nice on the ears, and upbeat enough to be a head bobber. “Power,” will be featured on, Year of the Rabbit, which is the follow up to Eskimeaux’s critically acclaimed debut album, O.K. Year of the Rabbit is out April 15th, and available for pre-order now, via Double Double Whammy.

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Photos | Rayland Baxter + Margaret Glaspy @ Billsville House Concerts

The house show is dead. Long live the house show! After 3 or 4 years of maybes and ifs, I was finally able to make it out to a Billsville House Concert this past weekend. After originating in Williamstown, MA (where the nickname Billsville comes from,) Doug Hacker and his family pulled up roots and relocated to Manchester, VT, where they continue to put on perfect house shows for the locals who are lucky enough to be in the know. On this occasion, I was lucky enough to be present for the triumphant return of Rayland Baxter (accompanied by his new band)…

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New Music | Islands – Back Into It, Charm Offensive

Islands will return this spring with new music, with not one but two new albums (remember when Guns N’ Roses did this with the Use Your Illusion Series?), all dropping on the same day. The two forthcoming albums, Taste and Should I remain Here At Sea? will be available May 13. They’ve also released two new songs from those albums, the first being “Back Into It,” a sugary sweet pop song reminiscent of the Unicorns’ catalog, and “Charm Offensive,” a polished, synthy affair that’s got that specific Island charm and quirk that’s just right. Islands will tour the new records, stopping…

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New Music | Rayland Baxter – Mr. Rodriguez (Soho EP)

Here’s a new cut of Rayland Baxter’s single “Mr. Rodriguez” which will appear on a brand new EP, SOHO EP. It’s a sparse cut, of just Baxter some quiet solo guitar, and his words drenched in reverb. The EP was recorded at Dean St Studios in London that was previously Tony Visconti’s space for recording with T. Rex, David Bowie and more.

I think it’s important for me to present these songs in as many forms as necessary,” said Baxter. “From the quiet solo guitar presentation to the full on rock n roll display, and everywhere in-between. These songs have many colors and I wanna make sure all them colors be gettin’ heard.”

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New Music | Operators – Cold Light

On a tip from a trusted friend, this new track from Operators fell into my lap. Operators is the new project from Wolf Parade’s Dan Boeckner, and is the single from their upcoming debut record, Blue Wave. “Cold Light,” is a melodic, synth driven pop number, that’s anthemic and soaring. “Cold Light,” is indebted to the 80s stuttering synth bass lines, and feels both authentically modern and like it could be pulled straight out of a John Hughes soundtrack.

Operators have also announced that they’ll head out on tour in support of Blue Wave, stopping here in the city in late April.
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#50WordReview | Brian Wright: Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol. 1

A sparse but captivating collection of tunes from Mr. Wright. The best story telling heard of late. Mr. Wright says pay what you want for this Country-Folk-Americana gem. We say pay as much as you can. The only complaint is this album is too damn short. Bring on Vol. 2, Brian! * Reminds us of: A Guthrie, Croce, Rogers jam session; Country done right * Add to queue: Tarantula, Talkin’ Nashville Co-Write Blues, Radar, Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol 1 by Brian Wright Brian Wright: BandCamp | iTunes | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter…

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New Music | Oscar – Sometimes

London musician Oscar Scheller, Oscar for short, has been steadily releasing one critically acclaimed single after the other and finding his way through the crowded British music scene. We were sent the first single, “Sometimes,” from his highly anticipated debut album, Cut and Paste, and I’m super excited to be able to share this indie-pop gem of a song with you fine folks. I was hooked the moment I pressed play and I’m positive you will be as well. Being a huge Britpop fan this song delivers everything one would want to hear from the genre. You want an infectious…

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2015 | Camille’s Top 10 Albums of the Year

Oh boy, it’s time for another top 10 list! And by “it’s time,” I mean “I am a few days late.” These things stress me out and I can’t even pretend these are in any order, but everything on here is something that I loved this year, and you could do a lot worse than to listen to any one of these during the last few moments of 2015. Or all of them. And it’s surely not an exhaustive list – at the last minute, I remembered someone I was going to put on here and had to bump another band…

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2015 | Steve’s Top Albums of the Year

Welp… I don’t think it would be at all possible to put this off any longer than I have. The yearly tradition of picking a favorite kid once again has me denying that I actually need to do it (they’re all special in their own way!) Someone much smarter than me once told me that limitations create value, and since time is also short, I’m going to adopt the style of the #50WordReview for each of the albums below. (For the record, they are in an order determined by the total number of track plays for all tracks on the…

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