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I revisit The Felice Brothers

The-Felice-Brothers Copyright Pieter-M-Van-Hattem

Run Chicken Run (Yonder is the Clock)
Penn Station (Yonder is the Clock)
Frankies Gun! (The Felice Brothers)

I had bought the Felice Brothers’ self titled album and was absolutely floored by their ability to recapture a turn of the century feel with their music.  It seems as though their style mixes many music styles; delta blues, folk and americana.  Their self titled album really got a lot of play out of me and then in 2009 they came out with a brand new album, I was straight to the store to purchase Yonder is the Clock.  After one or two listens I wasn’t as captured as I was with their first efforts.  I gave up on it and put it away.

I recently noticed they were playing Newport Folk Festival, seeing as I’m attending, I felt it necessary to resurface the music of theirs to re-listen, refreshed and with an open mind once again.  What I’ve found is that I was completely wrong, there are some amazing moments on the album; it’s much like the other album and I’m much more welcoming the 3rd and 4th time around now.

Run Chicken Run is a rousing fast paced song with accordion, and string accompaniments that really evoke that turn of the century style.  Not to mention a big chorus that will get you out of your chair and make you get up and dance and move wildly.

They have certainly achieved this old timey folky style and they do it so well.  Look forward to see them at Newport Folk; check out the great tracks I’ve posted, and maybe purchase an album or two.


  1. really glad you were able to get into the album upon second listen. I also suggest the mini-album called “The Mixtape” which features some awesome tunes. I have a tone of photos and videos of their stuff on my website ( and also on my youtube ( They are quite a unique band live and really take what’s on the album and make it much better. hope you enjoy them at newport. try to take some photos or videos or at least write a post about it 🙂


  2. i certainly am glad that I did revisit the band. it certainly happens for me… I don’t usually like anything the first time around, but most times I have the time to give it a few more listens. I’m really looking forward to catching them at newport folk, I’m just concerned who i’m going to miss by seeing them. I’m sure it will all be worth it.

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