Month: August, 2010

The Drums: Down By the Water video

The Drums new video for their track Down By the Water seems to be a video for a early 60′s based Happy Hands club.  The song has a slow chilled out echo vibe that’s good for listening on these last days of summer.  Check the video, and if you want grab the mp3 as well. [...]

New single from Pete Yorn, Velcro Straps

Pete Yorn released a new single for his upcoming self titled album.  The album will release on September 28th, from Vagrant Records.  The single, Velcro Shoes, is a stripped down rock song about the thrills of childhood, including velcro shoes, tree houses and go karts.  It’s a fun, freewheelin, jangly song thats certainly going to [...]

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros’ Janglin (RAC Remix)

Janglin (RAC Remix) Home (RAC Remix) This came across my desk just in time, and it’s definitely one you should check out, before you head out for the weekend.  Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros’ performance at the Newport Folk Festival was one of my fondest memories of the weekend.  They are one of the [...]

August Mixtape: You Don’t Need Hands to Touch

August is nearly over, and I’ve put together this mixtape for you.  Its full of songs I fell in love with this month.  The summer is nearly over, let this mixtape carry you into fall.  I hope you enjoy it. The Parlour Suite – The Goldenhand Ra Ra Riot – Boy A B & the [...]

Wavves video for Post Acid

This is the wild and crazy video for Wavves’ single Post Acid, from their recently released album, King of the Beach. Grab the album, King Of The Beach, here.

Sufjan Stevens new single, I walked.

I Walked Here’s “I Walked,” from Sufjan Stevens’s upcoming The Age Of Adz. Interesting sound, it’s sort of electronic like, and kind of proggy.  What do you think?

Artist Watch: Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons

Born Again I had first gotten wind of Cory Chisel when he played the recent Newport Folk Festival.  On my way to see the David Wax Museum, I passed by the stage where Cory Chisel & the Wandering Sons were playing.  I stopped and listed to him play the first track off of his latest [...]

Mt. Desolation, new website, EU tour and another track…

I posted on Mt. Desolation back in June, and it’s come to my attention today that they’ve released album artwork, a new website, and a European Tour (please tour the US).  If you’re not aware of Mt. Desolation, check out their track,  Departure and   State of Affairs, which i posted a few months ago. [...]

MGMT’s video for Congratulations

This is the video for MGMT’s Congratulations.  From what I remember of the album, it was the only track I actually got into.   Really not sure what these guys are in to, but the video is very strange.  It’s very bizarre… what do you think?

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Lets it Sway…

Back in the Saddle Sink / Let it Sway Banned (by the Man) First off, I’ve listened to this album so much, it might be a little difficult for me to be unbiased.  But I guess that’s the point now isn’t it?  Either way, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin has just released their newest [...]

new Beach House single, White Moon

Beach House – White Moon (Itunes Session) by subpop Check out the beautiful new tune from Beach House, entitled White Moon.  This track comes from their itunes sessions EP.

Magic Kids’ new album Memphis is a lot of fun.

Phone Magic Kids’ new album Memphis is out today, and if you’ve been keeping up here, you may have noticed I’ve really been enjoying the tracks they have released from this album.  What’s upsetting is that the release seems to have been better to coincide with the beginning of summer rather than the end.  But [...]

Cee – Lo Green says F**k You.

F**k You Cee – Lo Green, half of the Gnarls Barkley duo, released this great song, that I’ve barely been able to turn off.  It’s been all over the world these last couple days, and totally worth the attention. I haven’t been able to turn this one off since I first heard it. The track [...]

Check out the Video for The Thermals’ I Don’t Believe You

Having one of those mornings?  Check out the video for the Thermals’ I don’t believe you. The song comes from the upcoming album Personal Life which is due for release on Kill Rock Stars on September 7th. or just download / stream the song here… I Don’t Believe You

All Delighted People Raise their Hands… new Sufjan Stevens EP

Totally unexpected today, Sufjan Stevens released a new EP entitled All Delighted People.  He is selling the EP for a small sum ($5) on his bandcamp page. The first track, and title track, on the EP, All Delighted People is a sprawling epic 11 minute musical journey that has everything you’d expect from a Sufjan [...]