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Hands & Knees – Wholesome

Sitting at the Piano Disappearing

Massachusetts based art pop quartet Hands & Knees release their newest album entitled ‘Wholesome’ today.  Released digitally and available for free, or the pay what you want route on bandcamp might give you the idea that this is just another one to pass over.  I assure you, it is not.

Recorded here in Massachusetts (Shelburne Falls to be exact) Hands & Knees pull from a multitude of influences on this album.  This album is a pure sing-a-long treat and steals your attention from the get go.  Album opener ‘Throw Me From the Bridge of Flowers,’ is an attention grabber, with its war drum-like cadence and its rhythmic back and forth vocals its a great way to kickstart an album.

The album churns and kicks out jangly pop music throughout with a few curveballs in the form of  bluesy ballads that are a nice change of pace from the summery piano jams, and sing alongs that populate most of the album; each track carves out a special place in your memory whether it be the upbeat major highs like on ‘Dancing On Your Tears,’ or the downtempo twangy balladry of ‘Cadillac.’

What they have created here is something you can listen to again and again, and find new ways to love it each time.  The songs are quirky, fun, memorable, and supremely ‘hooky’ you’ll listen to this one many times.  I for one have listened to this album more times than I’d like to admit, and will continue to love it for a long while.

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