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New Music | The Foreign Films – A Message

A Message

Fire From Spark is an EP work of Bill Majoros as ‘The Foreign Films’ ex guitarist of Flux A.D. His work on the EP is a psychedelic pop blend that is melodic and a in this case heartbreaking. Majoros and The Foreign Films accompanied by friends Kori Pop and Alex McMaster (Arcade Fire) have been slowly working on this EP as a teaser for a full LP. The EP can be streamed at their bandcamp.

To better it, A Message was put to moving picture stopmotion video seen below, which includes 4000 still photographs to create.

A Message by The Foreign Films – 4,000 Photographs from Amber Edgar on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for the post…fantastic!Very cool site Kyle…I’ll send you the full LP when it’s done!!Hope folks enjoy my tune…
    Cheers from Canada
    Bill Majoros(The Foreign Films)

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