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Video | Jukebox the Ghost – Summer Sun

Check out this really awesome sounding acoustic recording of Jukebox the Ghost playing their track ‘Summer Sun’ off of their album ‘Everything Under the Sun’ which was one of my favorite albums of 2011.


  1. Steve Steve

    My pick of the week. Great sound!

  2. they are fantastic. super fun band.

  3. Abi Abi

    How can you not love these guys? Especially when I hear they are working with a charity project called Smile Train Music . These amazing musicians are helping children all over the world to get needed operations for cleft mouth problems. There are a million ways they could use their time and talent…but I don’t think many things would be more worth their time than this project. Bravo guys for being such generous musicians!

  4. for sure… these are great guys. and totally fun to see live.

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