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Breakfast Sessions | Spirit Family Reunion / Summer Cult

Here’s the important information:

On Sunday, April 15th, two bands will be playing special acoustic sets while you enjoy a full complement of breakfasty foods prepared by the BS/Music Savage gang, as well as cocktails with spirits distilled by breweries, and a very special keg of Trillium beer. We’ll start the event at 11AM so that you hungry folks can eat before the music starts. This all takes place in an apartment conveniently located near South Station (more details on the ticket purchasing page). The event will end at 4:30pm.

More Importantly, lets hear the MUSIC!

Spirit Family Reunion – When My Name Is Spoken

We feel very fortunate to have them playing our first Brunch Session. Brooklyn’s Spirit Family Reunion seem to be an enigma.  A band that comes from Brooklyn just shouldn’t sound like this.  Or so we thought.  Their bucolic, countryside bluegrass sound effortlessly carries the spirit and sound of the south straight to the north.  Their name, a perfect match for evocation of the revival music they play, a spirited bunch that draws together fans and followers into communes.  Their energetic, raucous & old-timey americana sound will rattle your insides, pick you up out of your seat and dare you to stomp your feet.

Find More: Website // Facebook // Soundcloud

Summer Cult – Ship to Sail

Summer Cult will be the first band coming from Syracuse, NY. They play catchy folk rock songs with heart warming melodies. It’s not all butterflies though, there’s an edge and a longing that seems to be lingering in the depths of the songs. The male/female vocals emphasize these sentiments and also round out the sound of the band, making Summer Cult a complete folk rock package. We’re happy to be able to steal them away from their usual stomping grounds so we can gently sway (either by the force of mimosas or voluntarily) to their music.

Find more: Web // Facebook // Twitter // Soundcloud


We will be featuring mojitos, bloody marys, and mimosas all made from scratch.  Some of the brewery  created spirits will be Rogue,Cisco’s Triple 8, and Dogfish Head.  As a special treat, we will be featuring a donated keg of Trillium Brewing’s beer.  Seeing as how that brewery won’t even open till August or so, this is a rare and special treat indeed.


The BS and Music Savage crew will be cooking and serving up scratch pancakes, waffles, fritattas, bacon and homefries.  We’ll also have some fresh fruit and muffins for snacking.

Oh, so you want to know how much this is going to cost you, right?  $12.  Yep, that’s it for an all you can eat and drink live music event. Pretty nice, right?  The tickets are EXTREMELY limited, and will be presale only.

Buy your Brunch Session Tickets Here.

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