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Jonah Tolchin – Criminal Man

Jonah Tolchin – Criminal Man

I’ve been listening quite a bit to a musician by the name of Jonah Tolchin, a 19 year old kid that sings songs that are at times quite dazzling. I mention his age because you just won’t guess it. He sings with the soul of a man 3 times his age. Part of the allure comes from his rather deep voice, its a bit grizzly, rough and almost whiskey soaked. I’m sharing his fantastic track “Criminal Man,” the title track from his album. The sorrowful, raspy vocals layered upon a minimalistic plucking of his guitar create a really intimate vibe. Tolchin’s sound blends the sounds of folk, blues, bluegrass and Americana across his record (Criminal Man) where he was joined by Music Savage favorites like Brown Bird, Joe Fletcher & The Low Anthem (it must nice to have such great friends).

I urge you to buy his album, Criminal Man.

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