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Mixtape | June Mix – Long Days

[T]his is my mixtape for the month of June.  The long days of the summer should be celebrated because of their fleeting nature.  This mixtape is both representative of that thought, and also a bunch of the great music I was exposed to over this month.  I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Luke Winslow-King – Moving On (Towards Better Days)
  2. JD McPherson – North Side Gal
  3. Saint Motel – Benny Goodman
  4. Hoots & Hellmouth – Why Would You Not Wan To Go There
  5. Kris Orlowski – All My People Go
  6. Denver – The Way It Is
  7. Fang Island – Sisterly
  8. Ryan Monroe – Any Way, Shape Or Deformity-Master
  9. Lawrence Arabia – Travelling Shoes
  10. Matthew E. White – One of These Days
  11. Right Away, Great Captain – I Am Aware
  12. Barna Howard – Timber Nails And Tears
  13. New Beard City – Doom
  14. Lighthouse & the Whaler – Venice
  15. The Royal Concept – Gimme Twice
  16. Chocolate Robots – Young Luff
  17. Grand Resort – Night Is Dark
  18. Young Moon – Winds Light
  19. Stars – The Theory of Relativity
  20. Blonds – Run



  1. Zatoichi Zatoichi

    Thanks SO MUCH for your blog and mixtape posts. I’m enjoying the new music very much!

  2. Thanks a lot, that’s nice of you to say. 🙂

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