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Video | Bon Iver – Beth/Rest


[B]on Iver’s got a new video out for Beth/Rest, and it’s a pretty spot on video for such an atmospheric 80s tune. It’s the story of otherworldly love: think part Fern Gulley, part Avatar.  Bon Iver guitarist Mike Noyce stars in it, as one of the two lovers and if you make it through to the end, you get a few glimpses of the band, shining in bright light jamming out on some saxophone solos. It’s actually pretty hilarious. Which is  why I’ve always appreciated this song. Yes it’s ridiculous, and hilarious, but it’s damn good too.

For those of you who are digging on this cheesy 80s/90s vibe, I recommend you also check out this fan-made video of Beth/Rest set to sad scenes from 90s kids movies. Beth/Rest is perfectly suited to capturing both the immense sadness and triumphant endings of 90s kids movies. Spoiler alert: Littlefoot’s mom dies, but Shadow makes it home.



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