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Photos | METZ + Bison, Bison – Bunk Bar (PDX)

Photos by Colin McLaughlin

[T]here is a crown to be won right now in the world of rock. It’s made to fit the band that rages harder, plays louder and pulls more frenzy out of the people that stand before them. Saturday night proved that METZ would wear it proudly, and that they are coming for it. Screams. Shivers. Hurled limbs. This is what rock shows are supposed to be like. They shouldn’t feel predictable. They should pierce you, and make you feel like your negatives have been offered up and stripped away. We lost that for awhile, but it’s alive in METZ. Go watch them burn.

Pictures from METZ and opener, Bison, Bison’s sets at Bunk Bar are down below.



  1. Monica Monica

    Awesome photos!!! Love the action shots!

  2. Ian Ian

    back to the small clubs, Colin! You snatched the action out of the air. Tough to tell stage set up, was the crowd all at the same level?

  3. Colin McLaughlin Colin McLaughlin

    Haha, feel like I’m always in the small clubs, Ian. Snatched the action out of the air…I like that! Stage was a little above the floor with no barrier, but crowd was typically standing a few feet back from the front (no clue why). Most people were watching with shocked joy looks on their faces. Surprisingly, not much movement out there. Think it’s because the crowd was on the smallish side.

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