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New Music | In The Valley Below – Hymnal


[G]ive me a slow rolling beat, intertwined female/male vocals singing hushed, lovelorn verses, add a piano for extra layers, and hit me with a surprise guitar riff as the song glides to a finish and I’m happy. Los Angeles duo In The Valley Below have managed to roll all that and then some into their new single “Hymnal,” an impassioned and haunting track from their self-titled debut EP. Angela Gail and Jeffery Jacobs create a dreamy, synth soundscape which would be a perfect accompaniment to Agent Cooper’s order of cherry pie and strong black coffee.

Take a listen above, sit back and close your eyes. Let that tranquil rhythm calm your hectic holiday nerves and you just may find yourself in good cheer without having to overindulge in the eggnog.

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