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New Music | Dragon Inn 3 – Danger Zone

dragon inn 3

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[P]hil Dickey, singer of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin has been keeping himself busy with a small side project called Dragon Inn 3. He teamed up with his sister Roni and music video director Brook Linder after composing the soundtrack for Linder’s short film Ghoul School, and then just kept on working on music for a future EP. They decided to cover a few 80’s gems including Kenny Loggins’ Danger Zone (featured above) in full synth bliss. The cover is  even more exciting and bombastic than the classic, and even better they pulled of a really fantastic cover of Simple Minds’ Don’t You Forget About Me.

But really the Ghoul School EP is where Dickey shines. The EP was released back in November, and is available on their bandcamp. Dickey has always had a way of writing pop hooks that grab you instantaneously, and the Ghoul School EP does so with ease. The music soundscape is totally rooted in 80’s synth and feels totally authentic to the time, believe me, these songs could be roaming the halls with Anthony Michael Hall in a John Hughes film. Give it a listen and check these guys out, if you dig it, download the EP, I did.

Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Official Website

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