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Photos | Major Lazer + Lunice + Paul Devro @ Roseland (PDX)


Photos by inger klekacz

[M]ajor Lazer is not what you’d call a “sit down” show. It’s not even what you would call a “personal space” show.

Major Lazer is a writhing mass of young flesh, dancing and jumping and gyrating to carefully crafted beats and explosions of light. Do not bring your mother to this show. Unless your mother loves vertically spooning with excited 18 year olds who have all the love in the world to share at a sold-out concert. In which case, you should absolutely bring her.

A beginner’s guide to a Major Lazer show: expect fun fur, masks, glitter, hard candy, and glow lights. Anticipate that Diplo and/or Walshy Fire will get into the crowd. Do not dress in layers. Stretch and hydrate. Give it up for the dancers on stage. If you are epileptic, just listen to the LP instead. And above all: get ready to feel really, really good.

Click on the pictures below to launch a slideshow: Major Lazer and openers Lunice and Paul Devro.


  1. Kimberly Kimberly

    Hey Any more pictures? specifically looking for the girls twerking on stage. haven’t found any and I want a picture of myself!

  2. Inger Klekacz Inger Klekacz

    Sorry, Kimberly, photogs had the first 10 minutes to shoot, and then we got out of the way! Hope you had fun at the show!

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