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New Music | Typhoon – Dreams Of Cannibalism


[T]yphoon is back, and touting a new album White Lighter, due out in August we’re getting our first taste of new tunes and this one is a good one. The slamming piano riffs, and Morton’s vocal stylings give this one a powerful, emotive sound from somewhere deep within the songwriter’s soul. As the waves of sounds crash from pounding drums, to soaring horns, this one grabs the attention, and begs for multiple plays. It’s got a little Frightened Rabbit bombast, and a little Decemberists flavor from the PNW, and then gang chorals all of which creates a high level of dynamism that a lot of bands probably can’t match… it doesn’t hurt there’s like 25 members.

This is damn exciting. Download it and get ready for the record later this summer.


  1. Tina Jin Tina Jin

    Hi Kyle,

    I really like this song, and I’ll definitely have to check out more from them. Thank you for sharing!

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  2. […] this track on NPR’s All Songs this morning, and after hearing this, and the last tune, “Dreams of Cannabalism,” I’m getting very excited to hear this record. White Lighter, which will release next […]

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