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Review | Little Children – Falling EP


[L]inus Lutti keeps setting the songwriting bar higher and higher with each release, and his latest Little Children EP Falling (released June 4th on Declared Good Records) is another dazzling collection of well-crafted songs designed to sink deep down into the soul and make a home in your musical bones.

The title track “Falling” is one of Lutti’s catchiest numbers yet and instantly wakes up the senses with marimba beats, hand-claps and a well played triangle. For the record, any song with a triangle added to the beat is A-ok in my book. The song was featured on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy this past March, which means more people have now heard his music, which means he is starting to make quite the name for himself on our shores….and I must say it is about time.

We next come to the beautiful “Distant Shouts,” a song made for closing your eyes and thinking of the lush forests and sweeping mountains of Sweden, even if you have never been there. Lutti evokes his homeland through each of his songs, and takes you to all the fantastical places only a native Scandinavian would know using only his voice and a guitar. Both of which are in fine form on the third track “On and On,” a song that explores unmet expectations and the difficulty of change. The EP closes with horns, pianos and strings on the heartbreaking track “Oh Help Me Now.”

Falling is the third Little Children EP released this year! Here’s to hoping Linus Lutti and his talented bandmates keep this pace up.

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