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New Music | Mount Sharp – Icarus

Mount Sharp

[B]rooklyn trio Mount Sharp are gearing up to release a brand-spanking new EP, Weird Fears, due out August 26th via yk Records. I am really digging their choice for the first single, the decidedly summer-tastic track “Icarus,” which conjures up that beautiful, fuzzy early-nineties sound that managed to skirt mainstream acceptance (thankfully) but found critical success and made its way into the hearts of music lovers everywhere.

Sarah Wood (guitar/vocals) and Bryan Bruchman (guitar) were friends in Portland, Maine and moved themselves down to Brooklyn where they met up with their pal Ryan Zumsen (bass) and began to write songs for what would become Brooklyn’s next new band, Mount Sharp. It takes a solid sound, and a solid friendship, to make a dent in an over-crowded music scene so these three should do just fine.

They claim to write songs about science and bad decisions. “Icarus” very much encompasses both of these points. You decide to fly too high, despite being warned, and you’ll get burned by the sun. Do yourself a favor and make some better decisions…like listening to this song and getting to know this band.

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