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Photos | Sean Rowe @ Me & Thee Coffeehouse

Every so often, you’re presented with an opportunity to see an artist who would on any other given night be performing in a much bigger venue for a much bigger audience, do their thing in an intimate setting with only a few other lucky individuals beside you.

Such was the case last Friday night, when I made my way up to Marblehead to spend a few hours at Me & Thee Coffeehouse taking in the captivating talents of Sean Rowe.

While I know him mainly from his more somber material (such as the Her Songs EP, a personal fav,) what I witnessed last week was an artist breaking out from his current mold and pushing himself into new realms. Playing a good bit from the 2014 release Madman, Rowe not only hit people in the heart with his tenor, but also made them shake their hips (as much as one can in a pew) and nod their heads to energetic numbers like “Desiree.

And while I came away with a fresh perspective on the depth and breadth of one of my new favorite artists, I have to admit, that seeing and hearing him sing “Razor of Love” to a betrothed couple who had chosen that number as their wedding song, really hit me in the feels.

It was one of those moments.

One of those moments that encourages you to continue heading out in any kind of weather, driving any distance, to see artists who deliver day in and day out. I have no doubt that Mr. Rowe will be creating those moments for many people in the near future.

Photos and videos lay below as evidence of my attendance, but you really should get out and see Sean Rowe perform to experience all of this for yourself.

Razor of Love – Sean Rowe @ Me & Thee Coffeehouse // 10.23.15

Old Shoes – Sean Rowe @ Me & Thee Cofeehouse // 10.23.15

Photos by Boston Concert Photography


  1. Thanks so very much for the great photos and video of Sean Rowe! We like to say that magic tends to happen at the me&thee. It’s a most special venue and has an incredible energy associated with it. Great music since 1970!

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