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New Music | Kyle Craft – Pentecost / Lady of the Ark

I’m really into the music I’ve heard so far from Kyle Craft, you might remember him as the frontman of Gashcat. Most of the songs find influence from a past that haunts him from his formative life in Shreveport, LA. Songs of messed up relationships, jealousy, ghosts and sounds of a reckoning with his past. On “Pentecost,” Craft’s rough, raspy voice, his soaring melodies and the ecclesiastic themes give these songs a deeply impactful feeling that almost goes as far as an emotional liberation. On “Lady of the Ark,” Craft dials up the southern gothic, gospel with guitars, organs and accordion, deep howls, and the disapproval he may have gotten for being conflicted about the church.

I’m super excited to hear more from this record, it’s some of the most exciting music I’ve heard this year. Dolls of Highland, which is out April 29 on Sub Pop. Give them a spin, I think you’ll be back for a few repeats.

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