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SXSW | Day 1 Coverage Wrap-Up

A quick get-to-know-you, since I’m going to be here with you for the next few days: I’m Andrew. This is my 8th SXSW, over the course of the past decade. I’d point you to some of my past sxsw clips, but they were for print concerns that have since folded up even their web archives. The internet is not forever, folks.

Let’s get down to business. I’m going to try to share primarily New You Can use here, with most likely some global #slatepitch thoughts to close out, but I can’t resist a little boasting: friends, I saw Iggy Pop yesterday, with a band led by Josh Homme, and they opened with “Lust for Life.” It killed, and Iggy nailed every word to the wall with pumping fists and hips. I wasn’t allowed to take pictures1, but I’m guessing you have an idea what Iggy Pop looks like at this point. You’re not wrong, except the reality of his age and his defiance of it boggle the mind – how many shirtless stage dives has he survived?

But first prize at SXSW is a band you’ve barely heard of, generating seismic buzz before your very eyes. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the gloriously-named Sunflower Bean, a three-piece from Brooklyn who combine liquid guitar, abundant melody and the ability to toss it all in the fire for a raveup. Friends, they were so good we’re going to go see them play at Stubbs this evening, with um, Loretta Lynn opening. Because that’s how this goes. I wish I could report that they’re coming to Boston soon, but it appears they’ll be too busy touring Europe, so.

You’ll have better luck with Matthew Logan Vasquez. The erstwhile frontman of Delta Spirit, one third of supergroup Middle Brother, Vasquez has launched a solo career with an EP in late 2015 (including an 18 minute story song) and an LP, Solicitor Returns, last month. Vasquez is not fooling with this rock and roll shit, red in the face and willfully ugly as he swings at his axe. An Austin resident, Vasquez led a watertight group of buddies through a raucous and reckless set at Container Bar in the up-and-coming Rainey district, in the (literal) shadow of the Hotel Van Zandt. Catch him in Boston at Café 939 on April 30 and cut loose.


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