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Rock & Roll Rumble 2016 | I Was Awake

So far, the 2016 Rock & Roll Rumble has had a pattern: the band playing third each night so far has won that night. Weakened Friends, Analog Heart, and most recently, Salem Wolves. Well, guess who is playing third on Night 4?

I Was Awake hail from the North Shore, where they write intricate prog-metal songs and eat roast beef sandwiches (or, if they don’t, what are they even doing up there? That’s what the North Shore is for). Their talent and musicianship cannot be denied, and they did draw the lucky spot on Night 4, after all… Come join me at ONCE tonight (like, immediately), and see if lightning can strike 4 times.

Rock & Roll Rumble website / Facebook
I Was Awake websiteFacebook / Twitter

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