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Rock & Roll Rumble 2016 | Junior Classics

Night 5 is upon us – Abbie Barrett took Night 4, although the entire field was strong. And tonight will be strong as well. The evening is being kicked off by Junior Classics, a bunch of talented musicians from Somerville who make beautiful, delicate, sometimes creepy songs – really, listen to the “where did you go / come find me / come find me” portion of “Eastern Tide” and tell me you aren’t getting a chill. Getting a chill up your spine is a plus, obviously! This particular flavor of indie pop stands out, I think, from their compatriots in the Rumble – and if you’re going to ONCE tonight, expect it to fill the room to its mirrored ceiling. This is a sound that breaks over you like a wave, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself holding your breath while they’re playing.

Rock & Roll Rumble website / Facebook
Junior Classics websiteFacebook / Twitter

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