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Rock & Roll Rumble 2016 | Salem Wolves

Okay! Getting in right under the wire with this one, but another band playing tonight, in Night 3 of the 2016 Rock & Roll Rumble at ONCE, that you definitely need to know about: Salem Wolves. They have once referred to themselves as being trashy garage pop, and that is a phrase that is pretty much catnip to me. I would fall on the side of “rock” rather than “pop” if it was up to me, which, since I’m the one writing this post, I guess it is. Throw in this song, “More Weight!,” with its titular reference to the most hardcore dying words of all time (Giles Corey, look him up), and it makes correct usage of the word “rictus,” and – if I’m not wrong – quotes the best ad about gum disease of all time by referring to “a little pink in the sink,” well, I’m sold. This is garage rock if the garage in question is haunted.

I really wish I could go to the show tonight and see them live, so you’d better go in my stead and report back. I’m counting on you!

Rock & Roll Rumble website / Facebook
Salem Wolves websiteFacebook / Twitter

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