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New Music | Matt Costa – Call My Name

There’s no getting around it. Here in New England, we’ve officially passed into the chilly months. Night are below freezing, the grass is frosted white in the mornings, and the very last stalwarts are finally giving in and turning the heat on.

But if you—like me—are continually grasping for that last bastion of warmer weather, troubadour Matt Costa has thrown us a lifeline. “Call My Name” off of the soundtrack to Orange Sunshine is the kind of old-school, surf-tinged love song that would be right at home next to a bonfire on a beach in California. With the texture of record pops and hisses, Costa’s crooning and strumming can transport you right out of these sweater-weather times.

Orange Sunshine is a film about “a church formed in the early ’60s by a group of surfers/hippies in Orange County who wanted to change the world with psychedelic drugs and became the largest manufacturers of LSD in the United States” and if you can’t watch the flick (because really who wouldn’t want to,) you can hear the entire soundtrack streaming over on Pandora before it’s release on 11/11 on Varese Sarabande.

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