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New Music | Lowly – Prepare the Lake

We’re only a few days into 2017 and incredibly I have already found a candidate for song of the year. “Prepare the Lake” is the latest single released off the forthcoming debut album, Heba, from a new Danish band called Lowly. The track kicks in right away with frenetic drums layered over shimmery guitar chords and synths that swirl around beautiful vocals with enough energy to instantly shock your ears into submission. It is the perfect mixture of restlessness and calm, which makes the song extremely addictive. I believe I’m already on my fiftieth listen.

Band members Nanna Schannong (lead vocals, guitar), Soffie Viemose (lead vocals, laptop), Kasper Staub (synthesizers), Thomas Lund (bass, Moog) and Steffen Lundtoft (drums, percussion), met while at the musical academy in Aarhus, Denmark, and formed Lowly in 2014. They have honed their sound on the stages of Denmark’s live music venues and will surely find many new fans outside their country with this album.

Heba will be released on February 10th via Bella Union and you can pre-order here.

Check out the previous singles “Word” and “Deer Eyes.”


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  1. Clever mix of arty syncopations and eclectic influences in these slightly broken rhythms and plaintively appealing vocals. Original and compelling music.

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