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Song Premiere | The YeahTones – Son of a Gun

Photo credit: Angelo Santoro

You know what we love here at Music Savage? A song that kicks you in the ass and shakes off the cobwebs that gather around your head during the working week! We’ve got just that song for you today with the premiere of the ass-kicking new single titled, “Son of a Gun,” from Brooklyn-based rock n’ rollers The YeahTones. The new track follows on the heels of their amazing debut album, Eviction Notice, released October 17, 2016.

The YeahTones are Jake Pinto (lead vocals, guitar), Doug Berns (bass) and Dillon Treacy (drums), and while the band is relatively new to the music scene they’re not about to stand around and wait for the world to catch on to their high-energy brand of in your face rock. With a live show that dares you to stand still in fear of being caught up in the band’s ferocious stage presence The YeahTones are building on their ever-growing fanbase with each and every tour stop.

Put that coffee down and turn “Son of a Gun” up loud! You don’t need caffeine, you just need The YeahTones!

Live Dates:

Sept. 29th: Newburgh, NY @ The Wherehouse

Sept. 30th: Akwesasne Village

Oct. 4th: NYC @ Bowery Electric (Mondo Festival)

Oct. 5th: Gettysburgh, PA @ Garry Owen Pub

Oct. 6th: Frederick, MD @ Blue Side Tavern

Oct. 8th: Kingston, NY @ O+ Festival



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