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Song of the Week | Fiona Silver – Here Comes The Fall

The WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” is back and the spotlight is sharply focused on the stunning new single, “Here Comes The Fall,” from New York City musician Fiona Silver. It’s her newest single which follows on the heels of her stellar 2017 debut album, Little Thunder, released on June 23rd.

Silver has been crafting her style for a number of years and making her mark on the New York music scene with her ability to blend bluesy sounds with a rock n’ roll finesse and pop sensibilities. She’s also an accomplished ukulele player as can be heard in her single, “Tonight,” from 2011. The mix of musical influences create a unique sound that Silver can truly call her own.

“Here Comes The Fall” has a sultry, intoxicating vibe that would be a perfect song in the next James Bond movie. The music swirls around her haunting and powerful voice as she sings out “I love you, I love you, I love you/Let me enfold you in my arms/And let the worries slip away.” It’s the kind of invitation one should think on for a moment before accepting, as we all know from those spy flicks that the femme fatale can be both seductive and deadly…much like this song.

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