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Song of the Week | losLAUREN 718 – Closet Fulla Fresh Lo

My latest WMFO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” focuses sharply on the infectious track, “Closet Fulla Fresh Lo,” from Bronx hip-hop musician losLAUREN 718. The single is just one of the many insta-likable songs from the hard working New York artist who has a new album titled, Only Believers Achieve Success, scheduled to be released this summer.

Clocking in at just over two minutes “Closet Fulla Fresh Lo” hits you quick with that smooth lyrical flow and a straight-up NYC beat. The old school vibe in the accompanying video is chock-full of the Big Apple eighties style complete with subway graffiti, a quick Chuck D cameo, and early hip-hop fashion coming out of every closet. As a matter of fact the song is about the infamous Brooklyn crew the Lo-Lifes. They were known for rockin’ flashy, name-brand apparel like FILA, Guess, DKNY, & Polo without ever actually paying for any of it.

On the first play of this one I became a fan of losLAUREN 718 and wanted to hear more. That’s what a great song should do…make you want more! I think you’ll dig this one as much as I do. I want “Closet Fulla Fresh Lo” to be your 2019, playing loud in the car with the windows rolled down, summer jam!

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