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Song of the Week | Stella and the Very Messed – In Past Tense

This week’s WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight is on the wonderful single, “In Past Tense,” from Stella and the Very Messed. The track is off the Austin, TX band’s debut album, On Fences, out now.

Stella and the Very Messed was created by Stella Maxwell (vocals) and Dave Hawkins (bass/guitar/synth), former members of one of my favorite bands Cruiserweight. Although they disbanded a few years back both bandmates knew they had a creative connection that needed to live on. They recruited two incredible musicians Chris Nine (vocals, guitars, keyboards) and Donnie Adkinson (drums), and together formed yet another new favorite band of mine.

The songwriting on this album is top-notch and the instrumental arrangements highlight four artists who bring their own unique talents to the table and create a musical nine course meal in song that leaves you full, but always happy to come back for more. It’s just simply a wonderful record from start to finish.

Take a listen to “In Past Tense” above and be sure to pick up On Fences over on their website.

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