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Song of the Week | Zophy Ohr – We Are Gold

The latest WFMO X Music Savage Show “Song of the Week” spotlight shines down on the UK once again and this time focuses on the wonderful debut single “We Are Gold” from London-based Zophy Ohr, the stage name of Peruvian singer, songwriter, and actress Alessandra Morris. She left Peru to pursue a professional career as a singer/songwriter in England, where she began playing open mics around London, studied music and earned an MA in Music Business.

The moment I pressed play on this one I was dancing along to the incredible beat pulsing from my speakers. Ohr has amazing way of blending classic Latin sound expertly together with well-known pop structure and melody. Mixing her culture with the different styles of music found across the globe, Ohr creates a sound that is both unique and instantly recognizable. With a series of singles to be released throughout the year I think it is only a matter of time before she takes her place alongside the great Latina musicians that have cemented their place in music history.

Take a listen to “We Are Gold” the debut single from the super talented artist and be sure your dancing shoes are laced up tight!

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