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Hey, I’m Kyle.  I run this website.  I’m not a tastemaker, I don’t have all the musical knowledge in the world.  I just have a fervent love for music, its creation and the sharing of it.  In my other life, I am an interaction designer pushing pixels daily.

I run this website as an outlet of my love for music.  Since its inception, I’ve met a lot of cool people, made some friends along the way, and tried to share all I could with everyone else.  I try my very best at writing about music and sharing all the fantastic music there is out there.

I hope I’m doing a good job.  You are free to let me know if I’m doing a good or bad job, I’ve opened up the Contact page, so you can do so.  I hope you find this website beneficial to the time you spend on the internet.


  1. Watering Color seeks to explore the strange, psychedelic, and philosophical realms of the instrumental rock genre; blending tones of synthesizers, electric guitars, and real world sounds to create spacey, melodic, and often dissonant storylines.

    Please visit:

    We are an emerging band looking for great exposure. Please let us know what you think!

  2. Your blog is cool keep writing n posting hot tracks

  3. thanks.

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