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Author: Kyle Mitchell

the editor and founder of Music Savage, lover of music, hater of remixes.

New Music | Nico Yaryan – Just Tell Me

LA-based Nico Yaryan has given us another taste from his upcoming record, What A Tease, out June 3rd on Partisan Records. “Just Tell Me,” is a track that you can practically feel the ocean air on, it’s got a cool vibe, with repeating guitar riffs, and a slow and steady rhythm that’ll have your head nodding before you know you’re actually doing it. On “Just Tell Me,” we’re introduced to a story from Yaryan, and struggles with a long-distance romance. It’s a song about ruining a perfectly good relationship, and agonizing over it, the feeling of helplessness that spans the…

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Stream | Great American Canyon Band – Only You Remain

I’m so excited that our friends The Great American Canyon Band are finally releasing a full record. And we all get to stream it, because who likes to wait? Dip your toes into this pool of ethereal soundscapes that feels like Band of Horses floating on a feather in the wind. It’s a beautiful and sparse, an epic jaunt that can be the perfect soundtrack for your day. If you love it. Buy it.

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Photos + Review | Aaron Lee Tasjan + Brian Wright @ Atwood’s

Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol 1 by Brian Wright Our friends at Atwood’s always seem to book amazing shows, we’ve caught so many great acts within those 4 walls, and last Tuesday night was another point of proof that awesome things are happening there. When I walked through the doors, the band was just fixing to get started on a few hours of great americana. Getting a taste of ALT with a band transformed his songs thanks to the rhythm section of bassist Keith Christopher and drummer Chris Marine. As a combined act, Aaron Lee Tasjan and Brian Wright delivered on…

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New Music | Kyle Craft – Eye of a Hurricane

Another track landed on the upcoming debut record from newly signed Sub Popper, Kyle Craft. “Eye of the Hurricane,” starts us off with a piano riff that hearkens us back to a ragtime era. It’s a tongue in cheek story about infatuation in a toxic relationship sprawled across a song that’s got the sound of a horror circus with 70s glam rock vocal howls that add to the landscape. We’ve heard 3 tracks off the upcoming debut, Dolls of Highland, and you can color me more than excited to get to April 29th to hear the rest.

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New Music | John Congleton And The Nighty Nite – Your Temporary Custodian

At the song open, I feel like I’m stuck inside of a horror movie, screeching and horrifying noises almost sirens, which suits well a record titled, Until The Horror Goes. As the sirens relent, and the beat takes over, the song becomes infectious, and the hook comes out to play and you find this tight little electro-pop track that sounds like it could have been a work of Postal Service or Built to Spill. As the song slowly fades out, it feels as though it could have been the closing credits to a horror film directed by John Hughes, and…

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New Music | Kyle Craft – Pentecost / Lady of the Ark

I’m really into the music I’ve heard so far from Kyle Craft, you might remember him as the frontman of Gashcat. Most of the songs find influence from a past that haunts him from his formative life in Shreveport, LA. Songs of messed up relationships, jealousy, ghosts and sounds of a reckoning with his past. On “Pentecost,” Craft’s rough, raspy voice, his soaring melodies and the ecclesiastic themes give these songs a deeply impactful feeling that almost goes as far as an emotional liberation. On “Lady of the Ark,” Craft dials up the southern gothic, gospel with guitars, organs and…

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New Music | Big Thief – Real Love

Something pretty awesome is going on around this debut record from Big Thief. “Real Love,” starts as this quiet, pensive folk-tinged rock song that blows up into full blow rock arrangements that you’ll instantly fall in love with. Put perfectly by Billy Mitchel, “Pop meets hardcore, with an angel voice,” the song will shudder you down to your bones. It’s elevated rock & roll music that has me thirsty for more.
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New Music | Alyeska – Everglow

I’ve been really into this new track from LA outfit, Alyeska. “Everglow, an alt tinged and guitar powered track thats an moody, dark, sonically emotional track with a definite tie to alt-rock era. Produced by John Agnello, (Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr., Phosphorescent) the single comes ahead of their debut album which will also be produced by Agnello and released later this summer. More Alyeska Web | Facebook | Twitter

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New Music | Eskimeaux – Power

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, what’s better than a song that pecks at the frailty power we yield to those that we love. Isn’t that a romantic notion? Eskimeaux’s “Power” explores the subject, wrapped in a sleepy bedroom pop song, that’s nice on the ears, and upbeat enough to be a head bobber. “Power,” will be featured on, Year of the Rabbit, which is the follow up to Eskimeaux’s critically acclaimed debut album, O.K. Year of the Rabbit is out April 15th, and available for pre-order now, via Double Double Whammy.

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New Music | Islands – Back Into It, Charm Offensive

Islands will return this spring with new music, with not one but two new albums (remember when Guns N’ Roses did this with the Use Your Illusion Series?), all dropping on the same day. The two forthcoming albums, Taste and Should I remain Here At Sea? will be available May 13. They’ve also released two new songs from those albums, the first being “Back Into It,” a sugary sweet pop song reminiscent of the Unicorns’ catalog, and “Charm Offensive,” a polished, synthy affair that’s got that specific Island charm and quirk that’s just right. Islands will tour the new records, stopping…

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