Jessica Lea Mayfield – I Wanna Love You

f anyone can write moody tunes with rip your heart out emotionalism to them its Jessica Lea Mayfield. This particular moody tune is a smoldering, grunge era rock tune that repeats the verse “I’m insane, I wanna love you, you’re gonna find this out” to some dark and entrancing guitar tones, and throwback rock simplicity. [...]

Photos | Robert Ellis + Ian O’Neil @ Great Scott

Photos by Boston Concert Photography unday nights lately have been quite good to us Bostonians, bands have come to our freezing town, warmed us up on nights that normally wouldn’t attract good crowds. Again, we were fortunate to have native Texan, Robert Ellis bring his new album and some friends into town for a night [...]

Miniature Tigers – Swimming Pool Blues

ith a dash of effervescence, some of the terrible winter that seems to never be vacating the Boston area is lifted with Miniature Tigers’ newest effort “Swimming Pool Blues,” off upcoming record Cruel Runnings. The result feels quite a bit like a Something Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin track, a total pop gem that will [...]

Harriet – Burbank

I’ve fallen head over heels for the new tune from Harriet, and it’s video treatment. Their latest single off of their forthcoming album, “It’s Totally Cool, I Wouldn’t Even Worry About It.” The song evokes a strong sense of loneliness, solitude and sorrow and set against the background of a murky strip club. It’s a [...]

THUMPERS – Unkinder (A Tougher Love)

his is one of the most vibrant songs I’ve heard in quite a while. It’s literally making me dance here in the chair. Longtime friends Marcus Pepperell and John Hamson Jr. have got something going on here in a big way. The drums are pounding, thumping and totally fun, then the jams come out to [...]

Yellow Ostrich – Any Wonder

he second single off upcoming new album from Yellow Ostrich just hit today, with a synthy rhythmic guitar and at times a full out soaring vocals from Alex Schaaf, this song has a wandering curiosity that is definitely making me thirsty for more. We can look forward to hearing the rest of the album, Cosmos, [...]

Manchester Orchestra – Top Notch

Manchester Orchestra – Top Notch ne band that seems to always disappear for years on end, and then make an ungodly return with a killer record, and a live show that will totally blow you away is Atlanta’s Manchester Orchestra. Just when I think I forgot about them, they come back seemingly out of nowhere [...]

Nick Waterhouse – This Is a Game

oulful and catchy, Nick Waterhouse’s latest effort “This is a Game,” is a syncopated dancey soul track with jabby saxophones and guitars that are reminiscent of surf-rock sounds. Waterhouse has been working the soul influence since his debut record, Time’s All Gone, which was a fantastic debut that opened up a lot of our ears, [...]

PEP – Stephen

ery much influenced from 50s and 60s style doo-wop pop music of the Shangri-Las and the Ronettes, Karys Rhea, drummer of Starlight girls has created a solo project in, PEP, which packs a sugary sweet punch and delivers on those perfect melodies and hooks of the 60s girl groups. Look for “Stephen,” their recently released [...]

The Skins – Dead Hands

rooklyn (shocker) band The Skins are prepping for an opening tour with Jake Bugg and have recently released a new tune, “Dead Hands,” that caught my ear. The very young band seems to be on the fast track as they’ve caught the ear of now producer, Rick Rubin, who is helping the band record new [...]