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Author: Kyle Mitchell

Video | Belle & Sebastian – The Party Line

Belle & Sebastian’s new tune got video treatment, and “The Party Line,” indeed sounds just that, a 4 minute party. It digs its way deep into your ears and will have you reaching for more. It’s a great funky, soulful indie-pop kind of sound that isn’t too far of a stretch for Belle & Sebastian at all. Look for “The Party Line,” to land on B&S’ new record, Girls In Peacetime Want to Dance will be released on January 20th, 2015 via Matador.

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Photos + Review | Blake Mills @ The Sinclair

Photos by Boston Concert Photography [I]f it was ever apparent to anyone that a specific person belonged on a stage, behind their instrument, showing to the world and everyone who will listen that they love what they get to do it is Blake Mills. The wunderkind guitar phenom, who thrilled me with his last album, Break Mirrors, and delighted with his most recent effort, Heigh Ho, has been curiously absent from playing here in Boston. Understandably, he’s busy being a session guitarist for amazing talents from all over, and didn’t tour exclusively for his debut album, we were so goddamn…

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Photos + Review | Shovels and Rope + John Fullbright @ Royale

Photos by Boston Concert Photography [W]e have come to expect great things from a band like Shovels & Rope. They have given us amazing performances in the past, from the days when they were the little engine that could, playing opening shows for Butch Walker, Hayes Carll, or Jason Isbell; to now the inspiring husband-wife duo that delights our ears, eyes, body and soul on two awesome headlining nights at the Royale. I personally got to catch Cary Ann and Michael (I’m on a first name basis obviously) sing their hearts out on Saturday night, and although Cary Ann may…

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Video | Max Jury – Black Metal

[T]he heavy yet simple piano chords that carry Iowa born Max Jury’s “Black Metal,” jump out right away, creating a somber, smoky and intimate feel that is powered by falsetto vocals and lyrical notes of unrequited love. The stark composition seems to mirror his midwest upbringing, wide open spaces and the quiet, and his influences from Ryan Adams to Lucinda Williams stick out, but the modernity comes out with the tinges of vintage americana/soul breadth laid over an elegy about a girl. Jury will be releasing an EP, The Sonic Factory Sessions on October 13 and is on tour in…

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New Music | Spookyland – Rock and Roll Weakling

[A]n EP of the same name, Rock and Roll Weakling, from a pretty exciting Sydney based band dropped a few weeks back, and well I’m pretty crazy about the title single “Rock and Roll Weakling,” it’s got a raw, invigorating, irreverent kind of feel to it, but in that brashness lies a tune that totally rocks, has a great hook, and begs to be played at high volumes. Facebook | Spotify

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Video | Field Report – Home (Leave the Lights On)

[H]ome for Field Report and specifically Chris Porterfield, is back in Wisconsin, where this video takes its beautiful backdrop. It evokes Porterfield thinking about what he leaves behind and what he comes back to after leaving for and returning from touring. Wrestling with the fact that he’s on the road most of the year, and hoping everything he left behind will be there upon his return. It seems he imagines himself driving his F100 around the beautifully sparse midwest, catching time in the middle of nowhere, attending to his truck, visiting the great lakes and taking some time for bowling…

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Photos + Review | Sturgill Simpson + Cereus Bright @ Brighton Music Hall

Photos by Boston Concert Photography [T]he night began with Cereus Bright, an act out of Knoxville Tennessee, who surprised us with their own brand of modern folk music, jangly, good harmonies, and catchy songwriting. They wooed us with an interesting cover of the Bee Gees, and some really catchy songs off of a few of their recent EPs. “Stella,” a tune from their Happier than Me EP, was particularly great, they made for an interesting opener and set us all up for a great show. A picture’s worth a 1000 words but a word ain’t worth a dime, says Sturgill…

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Review | Cory Branan – The No-Hit Wonder

[T]he rag on Cory Branan is he’s too Country for Punk, and too Punk for Country, but I think what we need to start realizing is Cory Branan is a damn fine musician, and an excellent songwriter. His new record, The No-Hit Wonder, follows up his 2012 critically acclaimed record Mutt, and was released yesterday on Bloodshot Records. Over the course of the last month, I’ve turned this record on again and again, it’s been in heavy rotation, and for great reasons. Branan’s songwriting is top notch, it’s vivid and bright and a bit tongue-in-cheek. We’ve all been saying it,…

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New Music | Generationals – Black Lemon

[S]ummer jams are still in season, I don’t really care what you say; and Generationals new one, “Black Lemon,” off their upcoming record Alix, is just that. A bouncy, islandy, marimba based jam I’ve had blasting on my headphones, bobbing my head like a dope. Alix will be the band’s 4th record, and based on what we’ve heard, is very promising, not to mention they enlisted Richard Swift to produce it, I’d imagine it will be the perfect end to another great summer. Alix comes out Sept. 16.

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New Music | Bear Medicine – Infestation


[T]he strength of actual bear medicine is introspective thinking, and finding solutions to problems through that search within. That introspection shapes the lyrics on this first single “Infestation” from Lexington Kentucky’s, Bear Medicine, a single on an upcoming split single with tour partner Ancient Warfare. As self-appointed healers and shamans, this song is the salve that soothes the soul’s problems with the gentle waves of acoustics and soothing falsetto vocals that instantly charm the ear, the lyrics seem to speak the opposite, they’ve got a dark pensive tenor, that pulls you into their mind, all of this wrapped inside a beautifully simple and wonderful folk environment.

You can grab the Ancient Warfare / Bear Medicine split single now on iTunes. Look for “Infestation,” to also appear on, their self-titled debut out in October.
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