New Music | The Rosebuds – In My Teeth

[I]’m pretty excited that North Carolina’s The Rosebuds are at it again, carefully composing another classic sounding folk-rock tune in “In My Teeth,” a tune that slowly slides itself deep inside your head, after a few listens, you have no idea where the time went, but you know you enjoyed it. It’s got a semblance […]

New Music | Cory Branan – The No-Hit Wonder

[W]hy Cory Branan hasn’t hit it big I’m not really sure, the guy writes fantastic songs, a lot of them are damn catchy and I love most everything I’ve heard from him. I suspect he’s going to catch on more and more, especially with this newest tune, the No Hit Wonder, which may also be […]

New Music | The Felice Brothers – Lion

[S]uper excited about a new record from the Catskills’ sons The Felice Brothers. If you’ve seen this band live, you can understand why they have such a great following, their shows are raucous, fun, and at times soulful. This band has also done great stuff musically, and this second single “Lion,” is hitting just the […]

New Music | Bishop Allen – Start Again

[T]his new tune from NYC’s Bishop Allen dropped and I kind of love it. It’s effervescence abounds, it’s crazy catchy, the perfect summer tune, and we should all be jamming to this day in and day out. From the moment the first jangly guitar riffs ring, the synths buzz and you can feel your spirit […]

Review + Photos | Hozier @ Cafe 939

Photos by Boston Concert Photography [W]e entered Cafe 939 last week to a very packed, very excited crowd waiting for Irish soul / blues act Hozier. After a few shows in New York, a taping with Letterman and a late arrival in Boston, the band was admittedly tired. But the boys (and girls) plowed through […]

New Music | 1, 2, 3 – When The Levee Broke At The County Fair

[W]hat’s a good disaster ballad without a story of a ruined summer fair? I’m not really sure where I was going with that, but the newest single from Pittsburgh’s 1,2,3 is a ramshackle garagey tune about a disaster at the county fair, and well just imagine all that ruined funnel cake. “When the levee broke,” […]

Giveaway | The Hold Steady + Deer Tick at House of Blues

[W]hen a friend wants to give tickets away sometimes they come to us to find a good fan that would happily enjoy seeing one, or two of their favorite bands play a fantastic show. When we get that opportunity, we try to give it back to all of you. So please enter in this quick […]

New Music | Matthew and the Atlas – To The North

[H]eartbeats lead this stunning new song from UK’s Matthew and the Atlas. It is the first single off their upcoming full-length, Other Rivers, which is set to release in a couple of weeks. Matthew Hegarty’s vocals on this track totally make it, the quiver and vibrations increase the emotionality captured in this tune that I […]

New Music | The Black Keys – Fever

[A] band that needs absolutely no introduction, The Black Keys announced last week via Mike Tyson (yes that one) that they’d be releasing a new album, and a new single today. Well here we are, and we’ve got new tunes. The Black Keys’ new album, Turn Blue, will be released May 12 on Nonesuch Records. […]

New Music | The Donkeys – Scissor Me Cigs

[C]alifornia may be a land of sunshine and it tends to influence music in such a way, but San Diego’s The Donkey’s seem to reverse the aesthetic with a more drowsy, dream-like state in their newest single “Scissor Me Cigs,” coming off their upcoming record, Ride The Black Wave. It’s an easy, rolling sound that […]