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Category: #50WordReview

Best of 2021 | Steve

This year has been something. Again. Thankfully, we saw the return of live music, albeit in a limited fashion. If this whole mess—and the tenuousness of not only every show but my comfort with attending those shows—has taught me anything, its that for far too long we as fans have taken for granted the lengths our favorite musicians go to, to allow us to enjoy their music in person. This past year they not only shouldered the load they normally did, they also put themselves and their families at risk to make our lives a better place to live. I…

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#50WordReview | Joe Purdy: Who Will Be Next

All hail the return of the protest song. Joe Purdy brings back songs that cut to the root of our issues and plead that we all treat each other as we should—with tolerance and kindness. It’s time for our music to mean something again. This is an important album.     * Reminds us of: music that mean something, Woodstock, sigh… Dylan * Add to queue: New Year’s Eve, Who Will Be Next, Children of Privilege, Cairo Walls, Maybe We’ll All Get Along Someday     Joe Purdy: Soundcloud | iTunes | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


#50WordReview | Thank God for Science – Thank God for Science

This was originally supposed to be a #50WordReview, but there’s no way in hell that’s happening. The Thoughts: Even trying to sum up thoughts about this album took way more than 50 words. So here we are. Buckle in for a short—and likely incomplete—review of the debut (mostly instrumental) album from Thank God for Science. What do you get when you combine seven of the Northeast’s top musicians and set them loose to do whatever the hell they want? Well… you get an album who’s songs are as varied as the artists in the room, with the only constants being…

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#50WordReview | Brian Wright: Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol. 1

A sparse but captivating collection of tunes from Mr. Wright. The best story telling heard of late. Mr. Wright says pay what you want for this Country-Folk-Americana gem. We say pay as much as you can. The only complaint is this album is too damn short. Bring on Vol. 2, Brian! * Reminds us of: A Guthrie, Croce, Rogers jam session; Country done right * Add to queue: Tarantula, Talkin’ Nashville Co-Write Blues, Radar, Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol 1 by Brian Wright Brian Wright: BandCamp | iTunes | Spotify | Facebook | Twitter…


#50WordReview | Josh Ritter – Sermon on the Rocks

Ritter preaches us stories in the style of, “messianic oracular honky-tonk.” Upbeat rock, haunting songs of murderers, promiscuous teens, and sinners abound. It’s an adventurous, folk-rock album with a shiny veneer that hides behind it darker almost apocalyptic feelings with a humorous tone. Buy, Stream, Download now. * Reminds us of: Honky-tonk Paul Simon mixed with a traveling preacher (GASP!) * Add to queue: Getting Ready to Get Down, Cumberland, Where The Night Goes, Young Moses


#50WordReview | Cicada Rhythm: Cicada Rhythm

Editor’s note: This post debuts a new feature on MusicSavage, the #50WordReview. Brought back from a previous life on another music blog—R.I.P., Melophobe—we’ll endeavor to give you some quick hits on albums we’re listening to that we think you should hear as well. Classically-trained girl meets train-hopping troubadour boy. Opposites attract and create a debut effort worthy of note. The album, like the band members, is a study in contrast as refined meets rough around the edges, with the two alternating throughout the album to great result. Folk, americana, jazz, blues—iiiiit’s in there. * Reminds us of: Little Joy, TMOE +…