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Wolf Gang – Dancing with the Devil

Dancing With the Devil Wolf Gang is the project of 23 year-old London multi-instrumentalist Max McElligott, “Dancing with the Devil” the second single from his forthcoming, Suego Faults (3/21 in UK). A previous track was released entitled, Lions in Cages to go along with this track puts Suego Faults on the radar as a highly anticipated release for this spring. Preorder here Web | Myspace | Facebook | Twitter

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New Music | Oh No Oh My – Brains

Brains Check out single, Brains from Oh No Oh My.  The austin band’s orchestral pop sound and vocals reminds me a little bit of the soft vocals and sound of Nick Drake.  The song comes off their new album, People Problems, available now. Buy People Problems

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Review | Floating Action – Desert Etiquette

Eye of a Needle Rincon Named after a vintage Gretsch bass drum pedal, Floating Action is the pseudonym of Black Mountain, North Carolina-based musician, songwriter, and producer Seth Kauffman. Self-written, performed, produced and recorded, today marks the day Kauffman releases second album Desert Etiquette. Titled for a Middle Eastern legend in which it is proper etiquette to leave a drinking vessel for the hypothetical next traveler near a remote oasis, Desert Etiquette is a dusty, stripped down sonic journey that is remarkably great to listen to. The album has a great old feeling, its style is rather distinguishably indistinguishable, with elements of…

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New Music | Timber Timbre – Black Water

Timber Timbre – Black Water by Arts & Crafts

Remember that creepy intro video for Timber Timbre?  Well they’ve released a track off their upcoming album, ‘Creep on Creepin On’ (awesome title) which is out 4/5/11.  The single, ‘Black Water’ is a stripped down, haunting,  downtempo number that is sure to chill you to your bones.  It’s cinematic in nature, and kind of unnerving but totally awesome.

The digital single will be available for purchase via and iTunes starting tomorrow, February 15.

PRE-ORDER Creep On Creepin’ On is available in North America April 5 on Arts & Crafts.

Timber Timbre will also tour this album this spring:

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New Music | The Bynars – How Does it Feel to Be In Love?

How Does it Feel to Be In Love Synth Pop band from here in Boston, the Bynars could possibly be one of the most fun bands around.   Today they released Valentines track ‘How Does it Feel to Be in Love’  for sale / name your own price on bandcamp.  The song is super catchy, fun, and highly repeatable.  I’ve been a big fan of these guys for a few years now and really never get sick of their ‘Party All Nite’ EP, and I am really looking forward to hearing their upcoming LP which is coming sometime this spring.…


The Barettas – Touche

Touche Hamilton Ontario’s trio the Barettas recently popped into my radar, as they’ve released a 7″ for free on their bandcamp and I couldn’t help but share this one.  It’s sort of a garage, rockabilly post punk band.  Super catchy, fun to listen to and full of energy.  Check it out.

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Video | Say Hi – Devils

Say Hi – “Devils” Video from stereogum on Vimeo. Check out the video for Say Hi’s Devils.  I had originally posted the track in mp3 in a post exchanged with Gabriel; and now there’s a video to the track.   Is it me or is this song heavily influenced from David Essex’s Rock On?

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Paul Dempsey plays Cafe 939 tonight

Out The Airlock Paul Dempsey may not be the tallest man on earth, but he’s sure close.  Seriously, he’s like 7 feet tall.  He is the lead singer and artistic force behind Australian band Something For Kate, releasing his debut solo album here in the states.  I’ve seen Paul once before when he opened for Jenny Owen Youngs a few months back.  For sure, standing on stage Paul is a presence because of his stature.  But when you hear his voice, his honesty in his music, you hear an intimate and wistful set of songs that are personable and gripping.…

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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Belong

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Belong by Slumberland Records Check out the new track from The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, entitled Belong… which is also the name of their upcoming album.  This track shows a major progression in their sound, it sounds as a nod to the 90’s with those opening basslines and guitar riffs and the ends of the chorus’.  This song gives a great sense of quiet optimism in looking ahead to what this album will sound like, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from this very talented band.

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