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Review | Cults – Cults

Cults – Abducted by cultscultscults A great debut album can do a lot of things. It gets the blogs buzzing, ends up on year-end best-of lists, and most importantly, garners and inspires a large audience of new fans. But indie darlings Cults haven’t been paying much attention to the standard cause-and-effect timeline of breaking bands. They’re doing it all backwards. Sometime in February of 2010 Cults released a three-song EP via their bandcamp page. And due to the lack of information on the site, and the general un-google-able nature of their band name, nobody really knew anything except what could…

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Review | Left Lane Cruiser – Junkyard Speedball

Lost My Mind Giving Tree Left Lane Cruiser’s Junkyard Speedball is the one whiskey shot short of full on rage. The Fort Wayne, Indiana blues rock band made one of the filthiest, grimey, dusty blues rock albums I’ve heard. The aptly titled, Junkyard Speedball, lifts off with raging stomper ‘Lost My Mind’ which is a visceral hard hitting, loose and fast track that sounds like it could be the music for a high speed chase scene and sets the tone for the entire album. Junkyard Speedball moves on to a more soulful bluesy track in ‘Giving Tree,’ and James Leg…

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Review | Apache Relay – American Nomad

Home Is Not Places I’ve been trying to write this review for what feels like a month, seeing the name of the post I keep saying to myself, ‘Gotta write that, people need to know’ and every time I open it up and listen to the album I get lost in the music. So the beginning of the story is I first had the opportunity to listen to Apache Relay almost a year ago. I had received a tip about the band, inquired and actually had their single ‘Home is Not Places’ that actually got lost in the shuffle that…

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Review | Timber Timbre – Creep On Creepin’ On

Creep On Creepin On
Black Water

Timber Timbre’s 4th studio album ‘Creep On Creepin On’  was hinted at months ago in a creepy intro video that really left me wondering what on earth it was going to be.  Then when I heard first single ‘Black Water,’ I started to fill in the gaps in my head, the creepy intro video wasn’t just the beginning.

Ultimately I finally received ‘Creep On Creepin’ On’ which flat out wins as best album title of the year, I got to listening and I found myself eerily interested in hearing more and more of the album.  From the moment that the album starts with ‘Bad Ritual,’ you are nearly cinematically taken away into a dark macabre world.  I’ve tended to call their sound a ‘spaghetti western horror cabaret,’ and I think it’s really fitting.  It’s cinematic in nature, and could definitely be the soundtrack to a Guillermo Del Toro film.

The songs are strange, and yet totally listenable; the sound is rich and evocative and the melodies are vast and varying and they have a level of strangeness but are accessible strangely enough.  Its a totally fun album to listen to, it takes you to another place, and I highly recommend it.  These are ambling, reverb drenched bizarre songs that are a treat to listen to.

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Review | Southeast Engine – Canary

Adeline Of The Applachian Mountains New Growth Southeast Engine is a Americana Folk band from Athens Ohio. I’ve had the distinct pleasure to have an early copy of this album. The album plays as a narrative about an Appalachian family at the turn of the 20th century. It’s epic, wonderful sounding, and a great story to hear. I’m not sure of the validity of the story, whether its fiction or nonfiction; regardless this is one great sounding album. The album plays like a troupe of backwoods nomads looking for a place to rest but frequently end up in town playing…

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Review | Generationals – Actor-Caster

Ten-Twenty-Ten Greenleaf The Generationals have been on my radar since I first heard ‘When they Fight, They Fight,’ and to say I was excited to hear their Trust EP, and now their LP Actor-Caster would be an understatement. That being said… today marks the release date of ‘Actor-Caster,’ and to me this is their finest work to date.  The first track on the album ‘Ten-Twenty-Ten,’ sets a wonderful tone for this album.  It’s a bright & sunny jam with a driving rhythm that will have you bobbing your head and reaching for the repeat button.  ‘I promise’ is a jangly…

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Review | The Dodos – No Color

Don’t Stop

San Francisco rock outfit the Dodos are preparing recently released their album, No Color, on March 15th via Frenchkiss. They say Neko Case is singing on half the LP, but honestly I haven’t noticed her at all. What I do notice is this is one of the most drum focused albums I’ve heard in a long time. The percussion is big, forefront, and totally flipping awesome.

Album opener, and first single, ‘Black Night,’ begins with this the marching cadence and this album immediately takes off, its powerful, grabbing, spirited, and actually quite aggressive. Aggressive is putting it light especially for a folk band, but the Dodos pull it off here, and actually do it quite beautifully.

After a lackluster 2009 effort, Time to Die, which I think most would say they were shooting for too much, the band went back to a simple duo, and totally stripped down No Color to is base, frenetic guitar and pounding drums and simple vocals (with back ups done by Neko Case.) Its an invigorating sound, and I can only imagine how huge this could sound live. The highlight on the album is Sleep, a boy-girl (duet?) with Neko Case that’s seriously infectious and will have you tapping your toes really quickly.

No Color is just entirely the opposite of its name, its a wildly colorful album with a whole lot of energy and spirit.
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Review | The Seedy Seeds – Verb Noun

The Seedy Seeds

Verb Noun

The Seedy Seeds are a Cincinnati indie trio that elegantly combine pop, electronica and bluegrass.  They have a similar sound to that of the Freelance Whales.  The mixture of these elements create a synthesis of these drastically different styles that is sensibly poppy, catchy and quite nice.

They’ve recently released their album, Verb Noun on Bandcamp (available for $9) and it quickly became a favorite of mine.  In a word, this album is just warm.  Its melodies are warm & the vocals are comfortable it is just a very listenable album.  The sounds become even more lush with the use the banjo and synth vibes and complete something that is very special.

The title track is certainly a highlight, but there are some really good songs here.  Highlights for me have been the ambling ‘Coyote Song,’ the synth driven ‘Hey Exponent,’ and the title track ‘Verb Noun.’

This album is well worth multiple listens, a joy to have listened to and I’ll be enjoying it for a while longer.

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Review | Hey Rosetta! – Seeds

Yer Spring Bandages By now, you should have heard of Canadian orchestral indie rock band Hey Rosetta.  Their stock-in-trade are huge compositions featuring numerous instruments, big vocal harmonies, string orchestral sounds energetic bombastic music that is a joy to listen to. Hey Rosetta has a knack for writing and performing songs that have a certain arc to them.  Their structures tend to be a mild and mello beginning verses building with intensity and ultimately bigger chorus’ leading to epically proportioned bridge.  This simple arc creates a fun tension, and an excitement that really doesn’t get old; and a lot of…

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