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Show Info | Manchester Orchestra @ House of Blues

“Simple Math” Album Stream by Manchester Orchestra Manchester Orchestra is one fantastic rock & roll band and they bring their superior talents to the House of Blues tonight for a co-headlining show with Cage the Elephant. This headlining tour comes on the heels of their album release for Simple Math (out today). I’ve been a big fan for the last few years and finally get to see them live. I’m really excited to hear the new music live, I’ve been listening to it for the last month or so and it’s definitely a great follow up to Mean Everything to…

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Review | Freelance Whales at Paradise Rock Club

Day Off

words & photo by: Courtney Leigh Allen

Freelance Whales at Paradise Rock Club

The crowd Monday night at the Paradise Rock Club showed up early. Actually, it’s entirely possible that they showed up just for the openers, Freelance Whales. Even half an hour before the Queens-based quintet was set to go on, the place was packed.

The sold-out Foals show was supposed to start off with a set by Naked and Famous, but due to illness, they had to pull out. Luckily for the Freelance Whales fans in the audience, it meant we got to listen to a fifty-minute set by group.

The entire crowed roared when Kevin, Chuck, Jacob, Judah and Doris came onto the stage. They opened with Generator ^ First Floor, which I contend is one of the best opening songs for any band ever. It starts with just noise, but slowly builds into a harmonic and melodic gem. “We get up early just to start cranking the generator,” Judah, the lead vocalist, croons. Freelance Whales know how to warm up a crowd just as well as they know how to warm up an cold, decrepit, haunted house.

They played almost every song off their debut album Weathervanes, rotating instruments for each tune. Each band mate plays at least three instruments. One song they’ve got Judah on lead vocals and synthesizer, but later he moves to banjo, as Doris takes over the synth. The next song has Doris on the glockenspiel, Chuck on the guitar and Kevin on the bass. Then Chuck is back on the mandolin and Kevin on the electric guitar. It goes on and on.

The band got loud cheers for more than a few of their songs. Hannah, Broken Horse and Kilojoules were house favorites. Freelance Whales really is that band that you know you love. But then you see the live, for the first, second or third time, and you’re always reminded just how much you love them.

The band has had a hectic last few years. Their debut album was released in April of last year, and they’ve been touring since then. Add to that last summer’s festival circuit and a cameo with the PS22 Chorus, they’ve been busy. But after this tour, which ends next week in Rhode Island, they’re hitting the studio to record their sophomore album. Here’s to hoping it’s full of more ghost stories.

The band continues the tour:


Tonight | Wakey!Wakey! opens for Jukebox the Ghost

Twenty-two The Oh Song Piano driven power-pop/rock will be the standout this evening as Wakey!Wakey! opens for Jukebox the Ghost at the Middle East downstairs tonight. Wakey!Wakey! is the pop pride of Michael Grubbs, pianist and vocalist in the band Wakey!Wakey! The NY based band brings their bouncy piano and ‘tug at your heartstrings’ pop music to our fair city. The songs are honest and earnest interpretations of love and lost love set to theatrical melodies and soaring vocals. Summer Sun Empire Hold it In Jukebox the Ghost headlines this evening with 2 fantastic pop records on their belt (one…

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New Music | He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister – Escape Tonight

Escape Tonight Tales that I Tell Los Angeles’ He’s My Brother, She’s My Sister is no ordinary folk band.  They have such a great eclectic sound, that ranges from psychedelic to jazz to country to swing.  They recently released a new single ‘Escape Tonight’ which is available on their website for free. For our readers in the Los Angeles area, HMBSMS will be headlining a May residency at The Satellite(formerly Spaceland) in Silverlake, California, beginning May 2, 2011. Special guests for the residency include Jenny O, Cowboy & Indian, Soko, Mia Doi Todd, DJ: Ana Calderon, The Rag Dolls (burlesque troupe), Sweaters, Pleasure Circus, Harper Simon, Restavrant, Caught A Ghost, Black…

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Sharon Van Etten, Lady Lamb the Beekeeper and St. Claire at Brighton Music Hall

Sharon Van Etten – Don’t Do It Lady Lamb the Beekeeper – Penny Licks words & photos by: Courtney Leigh Allen There was a whole lot of beautiful song writing and mesmerizing voices at the Sharon Van Etten show at Brighton Music Hall Thursday night. The show was sold out, which isn’t surprising given that Sharon Van Etten has friends in high places. Or indie places. She’s toured with The National and Junip, sang on The Antler’s latest album Hospice, and is pals with Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon. And she specializes in heartbreak. And is overall, adorable. She seemed genuinely happy and…

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Review | Wye Oak and Callers at the Middle East Upstairs

words by: Courtney Leigh Allen   Heartbeat (the Wire Cover) Life of Love Brooklyn-based trio Callers mesmerized the crowd opening for Wye Oak at the Middle East Upstairs Tuesday night. If you’ve never heard of Callers, their sound is familiar, yet distinct. Sara Lucas plays guitar, but her main instrument is her voice, which weaves through each song as the tempo and rhythm rises and falls around it. The trio – vocalist Lucas, guitarist Ryan Seaton and drummer Don Godwin – first met in New Orleans, and their sound includes blues, folk and jazz influences. In fact, it’s the otherworldliness of…

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Live Tonight | Wye Oak with Callers & Jaggery

Holy Holy Civilian words by: Courtney Leigh Allen It seems that as of late, everyone has been talking about the boy-girl duo Wye Oak. The Baltimore pair will play at the Middle East Upstairs Tuesday April 13 with Callers and Jaggery opening. Wye Oak released their third full-length album Civilian in early March and came out of SXSW with a swarm of praise, from new and old fans alike. Their sound, which consists of Jenn Wasner on guitar and vocals and Andy Stack on drums and keyboard, is full of floating vocals, volume explosions and thumping bass lines and is…

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The Longwalls Drop Science

Careers in Science Back in March, boston based americana band The Longwalls released ‘Careers in Science’ digitally on Static Motor Recordings.  The album is a warm representation of 90’s post pop, that is straightforward and always fun.  Careers in Science is a short LP (just 8 songs) that will have you wishing for more. You can grab the album from Static Motor or Bandcamp today, and for $5 this is absolutely worth every penny. As a man of science, I find myself ‘hypothesizing’ what I could be doing with a friday night like tonight… the answer is heading over to…

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Boston to Austin Show This Sunday!

Converse, and are putting on a pre-austin (boston) showcase of the local flavors this sunday at Brighton Music Hall before the bands pack up their vans and descend upon Austin.  The lineup is pretty awesome, and I can’t suggest a more suitable entertainment for your sunday.  Check this out: +You’ll get the chance to catch the show for FREE if you pick up your ticket at the Converse store at 348 Newbury St. (There are over 100 of these tickets up for grabs, so get movin’!) +….If you’re not one of the lucky ones to grab a ticket from Converse,…

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