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Brian McGee – The Taking or the Leaving

Hold Sway Brian McGee is an Americana Rock artist out of North Carolina.  In October he released his a new album recorded at Echo Mountain Studios in Asheville. Getting his roots in the Pennsylvania Punk scene, his sophomore LP The Taking or the Leaving is a fusion of Americana and Punk.  The album swiftly moves through themes of Americana like the rockabilly like ‘Hold Sway’ or the twangy balladry of ‘Let’s Bleed.’  One thing is for sure, McGee has the chops to write and play some fantastic sounding roots rock & roll music.  His punk roots come out in the…

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Video | James Vincent McMorrow – This Old Dark Machine

James Vincent McMorrow – This Old Dark Machine from Vagrant Records on Vimeo James Vincent McMorrow’s This Old Dark Machine from his album Early in the Morning, finally got a video treatment.  This album has been picking up steam, and it seems as though the more times you listen to it, the better it is.  His voice is super emotive and the music goes so well with it.  This is one album that is so well done, its hard to really put it into words Buy on Early in the Morning iTunes

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New Music | Generationals – Greenleaf

Greenleaf After releasing their ‘Trust EP’ in late 2010 Generationals were already putting the finishing touches on their next album, entitled Actor-Castor.  This album is the summation of their recordings over the summer of 2010 and will be released next month (March 29).  This new track, is a delightfully shiny, playful track with poppy keyboards a bouncy bassline and steady drums.  Its got a slow & steady pace, but has bright vocal harmonies and handclaps reminiscent of 60’s pop music. More Generationals Web | Twitter | Myspace | Spin |  Musicsavage

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New Music | The Seedy Seeds – Verb Noun

The Seedy Seeds

Verb Noun

The Seedy Seeds are a Cincinnati indie trio that elegantly combine pop, electronica and bluegrass.  They have a similar sound to that of the Freelance Whales, but there is definitely a difference between the two.  This track is a gorgeous blend of the aforementioned styles, it begins with an assortment of bass and strings, and kicks into gear with some on and off electronic elements that bring the chorus into a fast paced blur before it relinquishes back.  This off and on construction creates a great stress and relief in the song structure.   It all sounds kind of janky when I explain it, but in practice is quite nicely done.  This song is super catchy, and fun to listen to and the upcoming album, under the same name will be out later this month.

More of the Seedy Seeds
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Bare Wires – Don’t Ever Change

Bare Wires – Don’t Ever Change

Bare Wires are fuzzy, reverby blown out lo-fi garage rockers with influences from the yesteryear of rock and roll and this video just rolled into my inbox and I absolutely love it. This is what I wish high school would have been (I’ve seen too many movies) and the music is really catchy, fuzzy and rockin’.

The Bare Wires – Myspace
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Freelance Whales – Day Off

Day Off Freelance Whales, the 5-piece band from Queens, NY, have been hard at work lately releasing single after single.  They haven’t mentioned a new album (that I know of) yet keep producing fantastic new music. This may be released as a follow up to their album Weathervanes which is a fantastic album definitely worth the $5.99 it garners on Amazon.

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The Dodos – Black Night

San Francisco rock outfit the Dodos are preparing to release a new album, No Color, come March 15th via Frenchkiss.  In preparation they release ‘Black Night,’ their first single from the album.

First thing you’ll notice is the heartbeat like pounding drums, the intricate guitar, and a driving, hard charging force in the song that amps itself up throughout the song, its vigorous and energetic.  The album, out next month features multiple songs with Neko Case (not on Black Night) .

More Dodos:
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