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Apex Manor – My My Mind

I totally missed the boat on Apex Manor’s release (it was yesterday) but I got a copy of the album, and I really fell for it.  Its quite fantastic.  Check out the video above for the single My My Mind, then get out there and buy Apex Manor’s The Year of Magical Drinking

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Bright Eyes – Haile Selassie

Haile Selassie Another track has come out from Bright Eyes that will appear on, The People’s Key, out February 15th on Saddle Creek Records. The People’s Key – the band’s seventh studio album – is the eagerly awaited follow-up to 2007’s acclaimed Cassadaga. If you haven’t heard it, check out the first single, Shell Games as well.

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SLOWWAVE – Drag Lake Sin

Pour There are some beautiful sounds coming from the Pacific Northwest these days, I think you can put Slowwave among them.  The Tacoma based band has been playing together since their school days and are releasing their first record Drag Lake Sin.  Self produced and recorded, the band’s morose, love-sick sound is really something to behold, the embodiment of the environment, rainy day songs that are just as beautiful as drips on the window. The mix between tradition musical elements and electronic accompaniments stand out to make their sound even more beautiful. Grab their EP now, its only $5 and…

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Steel Phantoms EP

Film Reel Quiver Evening Routine Steel Phantoms is a Brooklyn based rock band started by longtime friends Aaron Harris (formerly of Islands) and Yos Munro.  I got the chance to listen to their EP (available on their bandcamp) a few (hundred) times; and its brilliant. Fans of Wolf Parade, Islands, and The Modern Lovers will really dig these guys. Pounding drums, piercing guitars, keyboard melodies, a musical feel that is fresh, and complete; its totally obvious these guys have been playing together for a long time. With a tour supporting Islands and Active Child already under their belts and a…

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Floating Action – Eye of a Needle

Eye of a Needle Floating Action is the pseudonym of NC based musician Seth Kauffman. The follow up to his homemade debut will be released February 22, under the title of ‘Desert Etiquette.’  Check out single, Eye of a Needle, the infectious, dreamy, 60s psychedelia track that will get your day grooving through Kauffman’s desert oasis. Look for Desert Etiquette next month.

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Pepper Rabbit – Beauregard

Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon (video)

Pepper Rabbit is an experimental indie duo out from LA.  Their music runs the gamut from accordions to ukulele to trumpets and everything in between (even a clarinet song).  It’s difficult to categorize this band, ‘their’ sound varies song to song, but their dream pop sound is full of swooping  sounds that range upbeat poppy ukelele songs, to chamber pop clarinet like songs.  They can be absolutely gorgeous and sprawling, and epic sounding (In the Spirit of Beauregard) and they can be adventurous and fun (Babette!).

Without making assertions of grandeur© comparisons to Sufjan Stevens could be made here.  These songs don’t sound as much as simple songs, but rather orchestrations or arrangements of a large troupe, all together its exquisite in its ability to sound so enormous and come from something so small.

I’ve had a ton of fun with this album, and its becoming one of those albums that I’m kicking myself for not getting in to sooner.  But at least I’ve got chance to listen to it now, and enjoy.

They are also touring widely with a few bands, so check them out when they are in your city.

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Pepper Rabbit on the web:
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