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New Music | Lowly – Prepare the Lake

We’re only a few days into 2017 and incredibly I have already found a candidate for song of the year. “Prepare the Lake” is the latest single released off the forthcoming debut album, Heba, from a new Danish band called Lowly. The track kicks in right away with frenetic drums layered over shimmery guitar chords and synths that swirl around beautiful vocals with enough energy to instantly shock your ears into submission. It is the perfect mixture of restlessness and calm, which makes the song extremely addictive. I believe I’m already on my fiftieth listen. Band members Nanna Schannong (lead vocals, guitar), Soffie Viemose (lead vocals, laptop), Kasper Staub (synthesizers), Thomas…

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2016 | Sarah’s Favorite Live Acts

Before we bid a final adieu to 2016, and go headstrong and hopeful into 2017, it’s my turn to look back and acknowledge some of the positives to come of the year – like so much great live music! Rather than deep-diving on my impression of the year’s best new music, I’d like to take you on a cliff notes journey of some of the most memorable live events I experienced last year. Here we go, in chronological order: Jason Isbell / Shovels & Rope February 27, 2016 – House of Blues, Boston, MA Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent nailed…

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2016 | Steve’s Top Albums of the Year

It would be no exaggeration to say that this was a stormy year that was challenging for a lot of people on a lot of different levels. When these kinds of times are upon us, music is consistently there to help lift us, unite us, rally us and carry us through. 2016 certainly proved that to be true for me (yet again.) From the first week of January to the waning moments of the December, the albums on this list—along with probably a hundred others—gave me something to continually look forward to. I hope they did the same for you,…

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2016 | Ryan D’s Favorite Albums & Singles of the Year

It’s been a hell of a year! I mean that in the best and worst of ways for 2016. When everything around us fell apart we had some fantastic music to help see us through it all. There were so many amazing albums and singles released in 2016, which made the year more tolerable than it otherwise should have been. When all else fails at least we have music! You’ve read the rest now it’s time for the BEST! These albums listed below are simply highlights in a standout crowd of bands and musicians that made ’16 a great year for…

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Photos + Review | Julie Rhodes + Z Boys @ Nick-a-Nee’s

On a cold Saturday in the Jewelry District of Providence, Nick-a-Nee’s was hot hot heat. During the day, folks gathered in an open-mic fashion, celebrating a milestone birthday for Brian Jablonski, the bassist from local band The Low Cards. I’ll refrain from revealing WHICH milestone, and instead tell you that Brian’s wife slyly arranged for some of his old-school friends to fly in from around the country; which made for part reunion, part bday shenanigans, and a whole lot of good music from the Low Cards, Corn Mo, and friends. Nick-a-Nee’s is the perfect destination for such a formula. For…

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New Music | Chicano Batman – Friendship (Is A Small Boat In A Storm)

Sometimes you can tell you’ll like a song from a description in an email, but largely the details and comparisons are so far fetched that they induce eye rolls and head slaps. Other times, the words that come in to entice you to listen to a new track are so bizarre you can’t help but click through. Such is the case with the new single from LA-based, suit rockers Chicano Batman. Described as “four young men in vintage formalwear, playing songs that blend Brazilian Tropicalía with early ’70s psychedelic soul and the romantic pop of bands like Los Ángeles Negros,” there was no way I…

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New Music | Leif Vollebekk – Elegy

I’ve been an on-and-off fan of Leif Vollebekk ever since his La Blogothèque version of Cairo Blues, (click that link, trust) but between then and now, nothing has grabbed me the way the first single off of his upcoming album Twin Solitude has grabbed me. I simply can not shake this tune from my brain. With his work at times reminiscent of Ryan Adams (one of my all-time favorite singer-songwriters,) I’m always drawn to listen to his work, however, this song—instrumentally at least—seems a bit of a departure for the Canadian troubadour. “Elegy” hits listeners with sparse instrumentation composed mainly…

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Newport Folk Festival ’17 Tickets on Sale

Our favorite festival (by far) is about to sell their 2017 stock tomorrow and I feel like it’s my duty to impress upon the fact that if you haven’t gone, or you are thinking about it this year that I can unequivocally say it will be worth it whether you know the lineup or not. Every single year we return to the fort to join our summer music family at the hallowed grounds of Fort Adams. It’s a place and a festival like no other, it is near and dear to our heart and we want to make sure that…

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Video | The Digs – Gunslinger

You know we love The Digs over here. A couple of weeks ago, they put out a video for one of my own personal favorites of their songs, “Gunslinger.” It’s all old westerns, as you might have guessed – gunfights, fistfights, barfights – but also some foxy babes doing shots or recreationally not wearing shirts. And one gorilla. So, you know, regular Wild West stuff. If you feel like you don’t have enough of the above listed things in your life, although primarily I mean “songs played by The Digs” and doing shots, although I suppose possibly also barfights if you…

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