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Peter, Bjorn & John – Breaker, Breaker

Breaker, Breaker Check out our first releaseof Peter, Bjorn & John’s forthcoming album.  The video above is reminding me of The White Stripes’ Fell in Love With A Girl.  A fast & furious guitar driven song that really raw sounding.   The song will appear on the forthcoming album, Gimme Some (out 3/29), and to be honest, I’d like to hear some more.  The most unfortunate part of this song is how short it is.

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Hey Rosetta – Yer Spring

Yer Spring Newfoundland orchestral indie rock band Hey Rosetta! is following up their 2008 album, Into Your Lungs, with Seeds a new album written over the last 2 years.  Out 2/15 the album is right around the corner. First single, “Yer Spring” a song about problems on the road, about the band’s touring and the amount to time spent in bars, .  The song starts off a dreary reflectory piece, and finishes out with a sense of positivity as they ramp things up with layers of strings, crashes, and soaring vocals.  It sounds business as usual for Hey Rosetta! and…

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Foster the People – Helena Beat

Helena Beat Over the summer LA band, Foster the People, had released a track entitled ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ one of the more catchy songs of the beach season.  You were sure to be humming the chorus, singing along and just generally grooving to that track. The band entered the studio to record, and fell off the grid. Six months later they released a second track. They come back with Helena Beat a synthy, groove based track thats very similar to a Passion Pit kind of song.  Gang chorus’ and synth beats.  Its a fun track and looks to show off…

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The Head and the Heart – No One to Let You Down

No One to Let You Down To catch you up to speed, the Head and the Heart have recently signed to Sub Pop records, and upon signing they have released a new track entitled No One to Let You Down.  It’s a folky ballad, which is entirely acoustic that is as beautifully written as it sounds.  What I love about this song are the vocals and the harmonies.  The lead vocal is so perfect for this song, its remorseful reflection on the story being told captures your attention to every word it feels so intimate, as if they are only…

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Jessica Lea Mayfield – Our Hearts Are Wrong

Our Hearts Are Wrong The Dan Auerbach produced Jessica Lea Mayfield track ‘Our Hearts Are Wrong’ the first single from her upcoming album ‘Tell Me’ which is due out February 8th.  I finally got a chance to listen to this single, and I love it.  Her voice is so soft and lovely, and its nice to hear some other layers other than her guitar and her voice incorporated in the music.  Her music seems to be maturing, and this is a wonderful example of it. Look for Tell Me next month.

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Miniature Tigers – Mansion of Misery (BTR Live Session)

Miniature Tigers recently recorded a live session with BreakThru Radio at Serious Business Studios in New York City. If your not acquainted with Miniature Tigers, I wrote a small review of their most recent release Fortress here.  Their music is sort of a experimental indie rock similar to 2010 buzz band Suckers. The above live session track is Mansion of Misery and is good example of what these guys do, the experimental music uses lots of different instruments to create wild and crazy sounds; Mansion of Misery has this in spades.  The video here really captures what these guys do…

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AB & the Sea – Run Run Run EP

In & Out AB & the Sea will be releasing a new EP come January 25th.  They’ve been offering up a first taste entitled In & Out (above) and I’ve had the pleasure of getting to listen to the EP in full.  I totally ate up their first EP, Boys & Girls, so I was a little more than ecstatic to hear what else they’ve been up to for these few months. The EP a quick 20 minute affair has shows the fun summery flavor these guys infuse into their music.  They’ve got this clean, 50’s early 60’s pop rock…

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Raphael Saadiq – Radio

I couldn’t have been more excited to hear a follow up to Saadiq’s The Way I See It.  Enter, Radio, off his upcoming album, Stone Rollin’.  The album will release March 22nd. What’s so fantastic, is the nostalgic, R&B Rock & Roll Sound to this track.  I wasn’t sure Saadiq could reach the heights he got to on The Way I See It, hearing this gets me awfully excited to hear more, its fun and has a classic vibe with a little bit of a modern twist.

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