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Cut Copy – Take Me Over

Take Me Over Cut Copy released the first commercial single from their new LP Zonoscope, “Take Me Over.” It’s available at all fine download outlets immediately, and will be released on 12” vinyl in the very near future.  It’s obviously a dance-y track, very reminiscent of Duran Duran; very new wave 80’s electronic feel.

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Girls – Broken Dreams Club EP

Heartbreaker Girls’ new EP Broken Dreams club released this week.  The boys from San Francisco, wrote a follow up EP to their ’09 debut, Album, entitled Broken Dreams Club.  As you might be able to discern from previous effort and released single, Heartbreaker, this EP is similarly, songs that are about relationships. The EP starts off with a fantastic track called ‘The Oh So Protective One,‘ a revisit to oldies that has a 50’s vibe and an amazing brass section that gives the idea of a ‘Prom Night for Broken Hearts.’ Heartbreaking track rightly named Heartbreaker is a perfect example…

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Frontier Ruckus – Deadmalls & Nightfalls

Nerves of the Nightmind Frontier Ruckus may be a name you’ve heard, they might not be for that matter.  But what’s important is that you hear their music.  The folk inspired Deadmalls & Nightfalls got to my mailbox in late September, I’ve listened through multiple times, over and over again I felt like the album was totally worth sharing.  I’ve had trouble getting the right words out, which seems to happen when I really enjoy something; it makes writing and talking about it all that more difficult. Frontier Ruckus’ Deadmalls & Nightfalls was named after an abandoned strip mall lead singer…

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Delta Spirit – Waits Room EP

Bushwick Blues (Acoustic Version) Delta Spirit is offering up a new EP entitled The Waits Room. The EP was named from a special room at Prairie Studios in Cotati, CA called the “Waits Room” which was a former closet that Tom Waits converted for recording. The EP has acoustic versions “Bushwick Blues” and “Devil Knows You’re Dead,” which appeared on their recent album History For Below.  They also recorded a bluesy, stripped down version of “John Henry,” which is absolutely fantastic, it’s dirty and grimy and just awfully awesome to listen to. New songs include the bluegrass folk track “The Flood,” and…

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Generationals – Trust EP

Trust Park the Van indie rockers, Generationals released an EP a few weeks back, entitled Trust.  You may have heard their single Trust, I posted on it a few weeks ago. In their second release, Trust (EP), the band is transitioning from a jangling, sun-kissed sound to a more popcentric more hypnotic, textured, sound.  Based on the success of their hit ‘When they Fight They Fight,’ Generationals flushed out their sound with feedback loops, drum-machine beats and throbbing basslines. “When They Fight They Fight” may be Generationals’ early-career success, but songs like “Victim of Trap” and “Carrying the Torch,” put Generationals on…

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Sean Bones – Turn Them

Turn Them This week Norah Jones put out a compilation of duets and guest appearances called ‘Featuring…’ Willie Nelson, Herbie Hancock, Outkast, Dolly Parton and the Foo Fighters all show up on this one. The third track from Featuring… is “Turn Them” from Sean’s debut LPRINGS.  Starbucks is giving away free downloads of the track all week.  Turn Them is as explained a duet with Sean Bones and Norah Jones; it’s got a light sweepy islandy vibe and perfect for a lazy day. More Sean Bones Website | Facebook | Myspace | Twitter

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