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La Sera – Devil Hearts Grow

Devil Hearts Grow This isn’t the first time La Sera has been here, they made a fantastic video about a murderous girlfriend which got my attention (through my love of horror, and for good music) and fast forward to today when I hear a second single entitled Devil Hearts Grow.  The song comes from La Sera’s self-titled album, which came out this week on HardlyArt.  I haven’t gotten an opportunity to listen the album over, but by the sounds of these two tracks I’m very excited to hear it.  The retro choir pop style that seems to be going around…

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Tennis – Cape Dory

Marathon Baltimore Take Me Somewhere Ultimately, if you are reading this, you’ve already heard the story a bunch of times, but for posterity, Husband and Wife duo of Tennis spent months aboard a sailboat (cope dory) sailing the east coast.  They took a chance at writing some songs based on their journeys, wrote, recorded and here we are in love with what they’ve done… both they symbolism and the music. Since the summer, tracks have surfaced again and again as the hype picked up.  Finally now we get a full body of work in this LP.  How is it as…

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Best Coast – Sunny Adventure

Best Coast-Sunny Adventure New Best Coast is shockingly upbeat.  The sunny indie-poppers kick it up about 10 notches on this one.  Its everything you’d expect in a Best Coast track, sped up.  The shimmering harmonies, sunny guitars, the slight reverb on the vocals all sound so fantastic;  It’s great to hear more from Best Coast, they keep the Seasonal Affective Disorder away.

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David Wax Museum – Chuchumbe

Chuchumbe Another track surfaced yesterday (Paste got the honors) from David Wax Museum’s upcoming album, Everything is Saved (due February 8).  Another foot-stompin mexican folk track with some interesting history.  The song was banned in mexico years ago by the catholic church because of its suggestive lyrics (chuchumbe is senegalese for bellybutton to bellybutton) and now it’s made it’s way back to boston.  Everything I’ve heard from David Wax has been fantastic, and this only builds more anticipation. If you are here in Boston, David Wax Museum will be throwing a release party that looks to be pretty amazing.  Grab…

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Twilight Singers – On the Corner

On the Corner New track from Twilight Singers upcoming album, Dynamite Steps.  As you’d expect its a dark sided, reflective track but it’s got a powerful, redemption feel to it, the music has some really great highs and lows, and a major sense of catharsis.  Dulli’s voice lends itself perfectly to this sound, employing a sense of regret but also a feeling of purification.   After hearing Blackbird and the Fox, and this track, Dynamite Steps is looking like it could be a fantastic album and I look forward to getting my hands on it come February 15th.

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Akron/Family – Silly Bears

Silly Bears

Akron/Family have got a new LP to be released next month (Feb 8th) from Dead Oceans records.  The album’s title, S/T II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT, a wordy one, but they will tour it relentlessly over the next 3 months.

This second single, Silly Bears, is a hazy and chaotic journey to say the least.  The fuzz on this song is palpable, the lyrics simple, but for one reason or another its entirely listenable.  The simplistic vocal harmonies are in direct response to the wildly complex music going on beneath.  This is well worth a few listens and a direct line to tickle the bug for their upcoming album.

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