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The Barettas – Touche

Touche Hamilton Ontario’s trio the Barettas recently popped into my radar, as they’ve released a 7″ for free on their bandcamp and I couldn’t help but share this one.  It’s sort of a garage, rockabilly post punk band.  Super catchy, fun to listen to and full of energy.  Check it out.

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Video | Say Hi – Devils

Say Hi – “Devils” Video from stereogum on Vimeo. Check out the video for Say Hi’s Devils.  I had originally posted the track in mp3 in a post exchanged with Gabriel; and now there’s a video to the track.   Is it me or is this song heavily influenced from David Essex’s Rock On?

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Paul Dempsey plays Cafe 939 tonight

Out The Airlock Paul Dempsey may not be the tallest man on earth, but he’s sure close.  Seriously, he’s like 7 feet tall.  He is the lead singer and artistic force behind Australian band Something For Kate, releasing his debut solo album here in the states.  I’ve seen Paul once before when he opened for Jenny Owen Youngs a few months back.  For sure, standing on stage Paul is a presence because of his stature.  But when you hear his voice, his honesty in his music, you hear an intimate and wistful set of songs that are personable and gripping.…

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The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Belong

The Pains of Being Pure At Heart – Belong by Slumberland Records Check out the new track from The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, entitled Belong… which is also the name of their upcoming album.  This track shows a major progression in their sound, it sounds as a nod to the 90’s with those opening basslines and guitar riffs and the ends of the chorus’.  This song gives a great sense of quiet optimism in looking ahead to what this album will sound like, and I’m looking forward to hearing more from this very talented band.

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Review | James Vincent McMorrow – Early in the Morning

If I Had a Boat I had the chance to listen to Dublin’s James Vincent McMorrow’s US debut album Early in the Morning for over a month now and have struggled admirably to put into words why I like it so damn much. One thing that comes to mind is Theodore Roosevelt’s slogan, ‘Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick.’ McMorrow’s soft crooning falsetto vocals speaks softly, but these songs can be hugely powerful.  Case in point, the single ‘If I Had a Boat,’ the song toils in the allegory of being lost at sea until found (finding love) the…

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New Music | The Strokes – Under the Cover of Darkness

Under the Cover of Darkness Just about ten years ago, The Strokes released their first album, an album that had turned the face of alt-rock in their direction for bringing the throwback rock & roll back into the mainstream.  After a litany of solo tours and albums the band finally got back together and recorded an album entitled Angles.  The lead track off that album released today to major fanfare.  Under the Cover of Darkness is a catchy, jangly, bright rock song that has some flavor of early Strokes, but feels like a groomed version a bit smoothed over from their…

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Review | Nicole Atkins – Mondo Amore


I was first exposed to Nicole Atkins last year when she had opened for the Avett Brothers on their winter tour.  I wasn’t sure what I was getting in to but kept an open mind; she was opening for one of my favorite acts so I assumed the best.  Atkins put on a great show, and her song Brooklyn’s on Fire was a definite standout during the show.

Since that show, I’ve quietly followed her, and when I got the chance to hear her upcoming album a few months ago, I frothed at the mouth.  At first listen, Mondo Amore is an outstanding album.  Nicole Atkins has one fantastic voice.  That really doesn’t do it justice, it’s gorgeous, simply gorgeous.If she isn’t known as one of the best voices in music in the near future, I’d be surprised.

Bold statements aside, Atkins’ album is just as fun and wide ranging as her voice.  From the dark, brooding ‘Vultures,’ to the twang of ‘My Baby Don’t Lie,’ to the poppy, and super catchy ‘Cry Cry Cry.’  To me closing track ‘The Tower’ is the strongest on the album.  It’s a must listen, a haunting, emotionally hooking, melodramatic and epically building song that feels really intimate.  Its at the point at which the music reaches a huge climactic theme and finally matches Atkins’ amazing vocals; a great exaltation that really wraps the album up perfectly, and MUST BE LISTENED TO.

Without exception, every song on this album is a good listen.  The music is varied and well done, the vocals are superb; Nicole Atkins is a talent for sure, and she needs to be more well known, and I think this is the album that takes her to the next level.

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New Music | J Mascis – Is it Done

Is It Done “Is It Done” is the second single from J Mascis’s forthcoming album ‘Several Shades Of Why.’ Best known as the songwriter for Dinosaur Jr., Mascis is releasing this acoustic collection on Subpop and will be available March 15.  Mascis’ trademark raspy, dry voice is all over this, with backup vocals from Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell.

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Video | Akron / Family – Silly Bears

Silly Bears by Akron/Family from Secretly Jag on Vimeo. Check out the epic video for Akron/Family’s “Silly Bears.” Directed by Matt Brunson, the new video is filled with robots, stuffed bears, plastic horses, and a Rubik’s Cube element. This video may be exactly what you expect after listening to this album, the visuals seem to fit the album well. Buy S/T II: The Cosmic Birth And Journey Of Shinju TNT [+Digital Booklet]

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