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Los Campesinos! Too Many Flesh Suppers

Too Many Flesh Suppers Welsh indie poppers drop an obscure b-side “Too Many Flesh Suppers,” a dark and twisted pop track (that doesn’t make sense) that is heart-wrenching and  beautiful.  The string compositions are morose, as is the title of the track, and the lyrics just as dark You ripped off my flesh and my heart grabbed the ribs like a prisoner. Check out the track, and more Campesinos! Website | Facebook | Myspace | Twitter

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My Top Albums of ’10 15 – 11

It’s near impossible to pick one top album with the massive amount of music I listened to this year but I thought I’d try to at least give you an idea of what you should grab this year before we start anew.  Yesterday I debuted 20 thru 16; today my 15 thru 11. 15.  Frightened Rabbit – The Winter of Mixed Drinks Frightened Rabbit has quickly become one of my favorite acts out there; and this album was absurdly fantastic.  This was a post post-breakup album with bombastic epic songs about loneliness, misery and rebirth. Hear: Swim Until You Can’t…


She & Him Puts a Spell on You

She & Him – I Put A Spell On You (cover) by musicsavage Zoey & M.Ward’s She & Him project is one of the more widely liked in the ‘indie-world’ and the two of them have released a brand new single today, covering the 1956 Screaming Jay Hawkin’s song ‘I Put a Spell on You.’  The single hits the itunes store today, and is accompanied by a live recording of their track, ‘Lingering Still.’ Buy the Single

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Middle Brother Daydreaming…

The supergroup that was once known as MG&V and now known as Middle Brother, is John McCauley of Deer Tick, Taylor Goldsmith of Dawes, and Matthew Vasquez of Delta Spirit. Their self-titled debut, will be released March 1, 2011 on Partisan Records. Here’s Middle Brother performing the first track off the record, “Daydreaming.”

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A Band Called Mondrian…

Love, A Collision Check out Mondrian, a french pop band and their track, ‘Love, A Collision.’  If you’re a fan of the sounds of Freelance Whales, or a poppier sounding version of Sufjan’s ‘Seven Swans’ this one will interest you; its got a similar feel with a banjo intro, and a gang-clap bridge… other than what you hear here, I know as much about this band as you do.  But I can say, I’m enjoying the tracks I’m hearing on their myspace, and I’d take a guess you might as well. Mondrian Website | Myspace | Twitter


My Top Albums of ’10 20 – 16

It’s near impossible to pick one top album with the massive amount of music I listened to this year but I thought I’d try to at least give you an idea of what you should grab this year before we start anew.  Here’s my 20 thru 16. 20.  Chief – Modern Rituals Chief’s Modern Rituals was 11 fantastic shimmering, melodic songs that will tear through emotions, and rock your heart out.  Chief has found a way inside with lovelorn lyrics, and an expansive insight into desperation.  The album is full of tales of disappointment, loneliness and languishing over love. Hear:…


The Low Anthem’s Ghost Woman Blues

Ghost Woman Blues “Ghost Woman Blues” is the first single from Smart Flesh, set to be released February 2, 2010. The Low Anthem create heavy, haunting ballads and this is no different.  A beautiful ballad with slow ambling keys and a clarinet solo.  What’s extremely exciting is this song lends itself to an amazing live venue, and here in Boston, that is going to happen.  The Low Anthem will play here in March at Old South Church, one of the most beautiful venues I can imagine for such a band. Tickets available @ Bowery Boston.

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Laughing Man’s Mood & Dress

Mood & Dress Laughing Man is a Washington DC based trio comprised of Michael Andrew Harris (drums), Luke Stewart (bass, saxophone) and Brandon Moses (vocals, guitar).  Over the last year or so, they’ve been getting attention for their artsy folk-soul-blues-jazz sound intermixed with indie rock.  The band recenty released a debut album entitle The Lovings (’63-’69). Laughing Man’s closer on the album (above) “Mood and Dress,” is an acoustic track that is intimate and warm and a great example of wonderful harmonies.  It’s careful plucking and warm harmonies will warm you up in these colder months. Buy The Lovings (’63-’69) Laughing…

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Sweaters – Can’t Stop Winning

Can’t Stop Winning Another west coast soul / rock band out there… and this sound is fantastic.  The band, Sweaters, is a quartet out of L.A. just released a 7″ single on White Iris Records.  The track, Can’t Stop Winning, is a glowing mid-tempo soul rock effort with some amazing melodies backed up by a piano rhythm.  As the energy ramps up the music blasts and the fuzzy guitars and slamming piano chords come, it tells you to live life as hard as you can. Each 7″ single will come with a 14 page manifesto written by vocal / keyboardist, Jordan…

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