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Review | Middle Brother – S/T

Middle Brother
Me Me Me

If you haven’t heard of them, Middle Brother, you probably aren’t reading this website.  To catch you up to speed, Middle Bro is made of Deer Tick’s John McCauley, Dawes frontman, Taylor Goldsmith, and Delta Spirit frontman, Matt Vasquez.  Together they form a young supergroup that I couldn’t be more excited to hear them play together.

Now on to the most important part.  Does it live up to the formula… does the sum equal the parts?  Is it just a few Delta Spirit songs a few Dawes songs and a few Deer Tick songs?

Resoundingly, yes, the sum equals the parts.  The creative forces put together equal the sum if not exceed the sum.  This album is really really really good.  Did I say really?  These guys sound like they’ve been playing together for years, the album is wide varying between contemplative folk songs (Daydreaming, Thanks for Nothing) wild rock romps (Middle Brother, Me Me Me) and even a retro 60’s pop styled track (Someday).  Sure some songs sound all more Dawes, all more Delta Spirit or all more Deer Tick but the album still flows quite well, with each frontman taking center stage equally.  It doesn’t detract, or feel like 3 separate EP’s it feels whole, singular and totally awesome.

There was a boatload of hype going into this album, and admittedly I had maybe too lofty of expectations for the album.  But without hyperbole, this album is fantastic.  Its damn well written, wonderfully catchy, and totally represents the best supergroup out there these days.  They do what some supergroups fail to do, they show off the talents of each member of the group without making it feel “Ok it’s my turn…” the album on a whole feels like pure congruence of the 3 headed creative monster they are.  The music they put together is pure fun and just great to listen.

Buy buy buy! Middle Brother

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Video | Junip – In Every Direction

Junip’s In Every Direction appeared on their fantastic album, Fields, and has finally gotten video treatment.  Fields was a really special album, and I can say it a million times, Jose Gonzalez’ voice is purely angelic.  These guys are hitting the road again, and I highly suggest you seem them live. Buy the album here Tour dates: 03-14 Mexico City, Mexico – FMX Festival De Mexico 04-20 Toronto, Ontario – Lee’s Palace 04-21 Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop 04-22 Ann Arbor, MI – The Blind Pig 04-23 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle 04-24 Evanston, IL – SPACE 04-25 Minneapolis, MN –…

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Video | The Strokes – Under the Cover of Darkness

The Strokes recently released single, Under the Cover of Darkness & announced a new album last month, I couldn’t be more excited to finally see these guys back together again.  They released a video for said single yesterday.  Check out the overdressed Strokes in the video above.

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Mixtape | 28 Days Later: A February Mixtape

I’m very pleased to give you the february mixtape, 28 days later.  These are all my favorite tracks from this month.  I hope you enjoy them. Tracklist: Middle Brother – Middle Brother The Strokes – Under the Cover of Darkness Hey Sholay – Dreamboat Wolf Gang – Dancing with the Devil The Seedy Seeds – Verb Noun Oh No Oh My – Brains Parts & Labor – Rest The Dodos – Don’t Stop Generationals – Greenleaf Wye Oak – Holy Holy Freelance Whales – Day Off The Romany Rye – I Hate Myself (For Loving You) Left Lane Cruiser –…

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New Music | Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math

Simple Math by Manchester Orchestra Manchester Orchestra has been promoting their upcoming single for the last week, offering snippets of the new track ‘Simple Math’ each day based on a puzzle piece.  It had been exciting to know that beneath these pieces was the whole song, but frustrating to have to wait.  Now that all the pieces are available, they’ve made their single available to download for the cost of an email address.  Click here to sign up and download your copy. Now that we’re finally able to hear the track, I can finally say how excited I am to…

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New Music | Man/Miracle – Don’t Waste It

Don’t Waste It Man/Miracle is an experimental pop band from Oakland.  They are releasing this first single from their upcoming album via Third Culture Records.  The single in question, ‘Don’t Waste It,’ is a drum heavy, reverby / atmospheric and sometimes dark rock song.  Its a gripping, powerful track that just keeps lifting higher and higher.  Pretty awesome sounds here. New single, “Don’t Waste It” b/w “Oakland Island.”  Out soon digitally via 3CR. More Man/Miracle Web | FB | Twitter | BC

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New Music | The Romany Rye – I Hate Myself (For Loving You)

I Hate Myself The Romany Rye is a country rock band from Big Bear, CA fronted by Luke MacMaster ex guitarist of Colour.  I just caught this new track that I’m assuming will be on their new album that was just recently recorded at Matt Costa’s studio.  Pretty excited to hear more from this band, their folk / country / roots rock sound is right up my alley; the harmonies are fantastic, the guitar is right on, and what the hell … why not an organ solo.  I can’t complain.

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Review | Telekinesis – 12 Desperate Straight Lines

Car Crash Seattle power pop outfit Telekinesis released a second album, 12 Desperate Straight Lines, February 15 via Merge.  After listening to the album a dozen or so times, one can realize that Michael Benjamin Lerner (the architect of the entire Telekinesis world) has about 500 ways to write breakup, heartbreak, & lovelorn songs.  What Lerner does so well, is he takes this similarity in theme and puts them into relatively fun, poppy, hooky songs that are a complete façade for these more unpleasant themes. It’s that façade, and Lerner’s whispy, crooning yet poppy voice that make these songs so…

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New Music | 1,2,3 – Riding Coach

Riding Coach Pittsburgh’s 1,2,3 just recently signed to French Kiss Records, and are currently working to release a debut album this year.  Their newest single, Riding Coach, is a dreamy-electro affair that’s hazy and downtempo.  Its got a Massive Attack feel, with that sort of hip hop / electronic slowbeat, and they layer atop some smooth falsetto harmonies.  I’m not sure if it’s right, but I’m guessing they are celebrating their steel city, blue collar ideology with a song about riding in the cheap seats.

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