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New Music | Sloan – Follow the Leader

Follow The Leader New music from our friends to the north, Sloan. The canadian power pop band is releasing their 10th album, The Double Cross, a shout-out to the band’s 20th anniversary.   Sloan’s music has always surprised me at how well they look back at the past, but is always fresh and relevant sounding.

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New Music | Raphael Saadiq – Stone Rollin’

Stone Rollin’ Raphael Saadiq recently gave away his newest single, Stone Rollin’.  Saadiq’s 60’s soul pop vibe probably makes him the coolest guy on the planet.  The music is smooth, fun, and totally catchy.  The track comes from his upcoming album under the same name, Stone Rollin’ which is out 3/22.


New Music | Wavves – Horse Shoes

Horse Shoes If the summer lo-fi album from Wavves, King of the Beach, just wasn’t enough for you check out the recording of unreleased track Horse Shoes.

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Video | Cults – Go Outside

It’s amazing how Cults have done it, one small EP launched them to this point. It is just considering how damn catchy this track is. Check the video for Go Outside, then check out more from the band here.


Video | Maps & Atlases – Living Decorations

Maps & Atlases “Living Decorations” from Barsuk Records on Vimeo. New tongue and cheek video for Maps & Atlases’ Living Decorations.  I absolutely loved this album last year, and saw these guys live here in Boston.  They are a very interesting band, and sound just as good live.  Good to see they are keeping their stuff fresh.  Now if only they’d record a new album. Buy Perch Patchwork

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Video | Peter, Bjorn & John – Second Chance

Check out the video for Peter, Bjorn & John’s Second Chance off their upcoming album, Gimme Some (out 3/29). This video seems to be the second take from their last video for ‘Breaker, Breaker’ off the same album. These two songs are really leading me to believe this is going to be one really fun album to listen to.

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Review | The Cave Singers – No Witch

Black Leaf
Swim Club

Seattle folk trio, The Cave Singers, released a new album entitled No Witch.  Excitedly I’ve got my first taste of the album back in December, after ‘Welcome Joy’ I was a big fan of the music these guys were making.  When I put it in, it started as a continuation of Welcome Joy but noticed something different the further into the album.  This is literally the Cave Singers’ rock album.  In previous efforts they are likened to the soft gray foggy days of Seattle, and now they have seemed to come under the full moon of the night transformed into a ferocious beast (see black leaf) that bites.

Normally speaking we are all  hesitant to accept such changes, especially when they have done something you love.  The further you listen to it, you realize this new ‘edge’ fits the band really well.  They’ve added another dimension to their sound without completely abandoning what they did in prior efforts.  This album adds a bit of swagger to their normally relaxed folk affairs.  Songs like ‘Black Leaf,’ ‘Faze Wave’ & ‘No Prosecution If We Bail’ all show off this newfound swagger and attitude, and lush sounds like ‘Swim Club’ and ‘Distant Sures’ keep the band grounded in what has gotten them to this point.  What keeps this release grounded is how well the album is crafted, it sounds beautiful, the songs are intriguingly written, and give off an off an almost transcendental, feel to it.  Altogether, its a reaching, branching out album that doesn’t feel like The Cave Singers have tried something they can’t do.

No Witch feels like an album where a band is stretching its space and carving out their very own niche.  It could easily be confused as a slumped album, where the band didn’t know which direction they wanted to go.  I don’t see it this way with No Witch.  I see expansion that puts this album in the hands of more than just the folk-lovers in us.  Its an album that successfully bridges multiple tones.  Give this one a few tries, I’m quite certain it will grow on you.

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New Music | Galapaghost – Runnin’

Runnin’ Galapaghost is the conception of singer/songwriter/one man artist Casey Chandler.   Chandler under the moniker ‘Galapaghost’ wrote, recorded and mixed his most recent released EP, Runnin’ in the fall of 2010. He has recently just finished a European/North American tour with John Grant in 2010, which coincided with this release. His music is indie folk with a focus on the ukelele. I hear a Neil Young influence in his songwriting, and his title track ‘Runnin’ is really good. Solo plucking starts the song out as a quiet introspective and charming folk track that leads into a heart pulsing, chorus driven song…

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Video| Brian Wright – Striking Matches

Brian Wright – Striking Matches from Sugar Hill Records on Vimeo. I posted the fantastic track ‘Accordion‘ off of Brian Wright’s upcoming album House on Fire, back in September.  The video above is the in-studio recording of opening track, Striking Matches.  The album will be released March 29th.  After hearing two tracks from this album, I eagerly await hearing it in full; this is some exciting, awesome sounding music.