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Black Mountain – The Hair Song

The Hair Song Old Fangs Whiskey soaked guitars and raspy vocals always make for an interesting sound, Black Mountain has that in spades.  Black Mountain is a five piece classic / blues rock band from Vancouver, BC. What else is interesting about this band is the inclusion of female vocalist Amber Webber.  She offers a soulful addition to what can only be determined as a classic / blues rock styled band that has the ability to blow you out of your boots.  Their most recently released single, The Hair Song and previous release, Old Fangs are great examples to create…

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Video: Eyes Lips Eyes – Tickle

Tickle Eyes Lips Eyes, formerly called Elizabethan Report, is a band from Los Angeles.  They’ve got a new wave type of sound.  It’s a real fun, rock / pop style; sure to brighten your day up. Currently, they are working on an interesting idea that they call a “No Album” concept.  Eyes Lips Eyes are going to release two to three songs each month for the next 12 months, and release each single that streams on the bands website. So prepare to hear more from them.

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Magic Kids – Superball

Superball Magic Kids have released another track from their upcoming album, Memphis, out on True Panther 8/24.  If you preorder the album now, you can download the MP3 version instantly. Superball is a super fun, peppy, and energetic. It’s 2:20 of pop goodness. Check out their other track off of Memphis, Summer… and prepare for some indie pop goodness come 8/24.

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Miniature Tigers F O R T R E S S

Bullfighter Jacket Mansion of Misery Gold Skull Miniature Tigers are an indie rock band which formed in Phoenix, Arizona, United States in 2006, whom now call Brooklyn home (shocking isn’t it?) The band consists of Charlie Brand (vocals, guitar), Algernon Quashie (guitar, keyboards), Alex Gerber (bass, vocals) and Rick Schaier (drums).  Their sound could be equated to Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, and at times even some of the Morning Benders comes out in them.  They recently released a new album entitled FORTRESS. The Alan Palomo(Neon Indian) infused track  Gold Skull was released to much fanfare, and for good reason.…

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The Parlour Suite – Welcome to the Garden Party

the Goldenhand Up From Underground The Parlour Suite, is a folk rock trio from Minneapolis Minnesota consisting of husband and wife duo, Joel (guitar) and Inga (piano) Roberts as well as their close friend Leah Nelson (tambourine). They are an obvious contemporary of She & Him (is that possible?) as is evident in the Goldenhand.    They meld the perfect 60’s poppy vibe; Inga Roberts voice just screams total pure innocence, it’s very refreshing.  I feel like I should be listening to Up From Underground, in an diner sharing a frappe with a sweet girl. They’ve got a real fun…

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Newport Folk Fest

If you haven’t already heard my non stop excitement for this weekend’s Newport Folk Fest, I’ll be gone for the weekend, visiting all my my favorite musicians in Rhode Island (which is neither a road, nor an island).  Have a great weekend. -kyle

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