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School of Seven Bells I L U (Phantogram Remix)

Check out the Phantogram remix of School of Seven Bells’ I L U below.  The track is free to download with cost of an email address or a share.  Click here to download / share. School of Seven Bells – I L U (Phantogram Remix) by VagrantRecords If you haven’t heard it, check out the album version of I L U.  School of Seven Bells’ album Disconnect from Desire is available from Vagrant Records. Pick it up on itunes, or amazon. Want to see School of Seven Bells next weekend (9/11) at the Middle East in Cambridge?  I’ve got two free tickets to…

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Ticket Giveaway School of Seven Bells at the Middle East Boston

Watch the full concert at Check out this live, roof-top performance for Baeble, SVIIB distill their layered electronic music down to acoustic guitars, piano, and vocals, to perform tracks off of their sophomore album, Disconnect From Desire. In between songs, SVIIB takes time to talk about coming together as a band and the concept behind their new album. Check it out below! Want to see School of Seven Bells next weekend (9/11) at the Middle East in Cambridge?  I’ve got two free tickets to give away, so leave a comment below, RT this tweet, or comment on the facebook page.

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Jenny & Johnny are Having Fun Now

My Pet Snakes Scissor Runner Big Wave It’s hard to endorse a perfect duo such as Jenny Lewis & Jonathan Rice.  Especially when you’re in love with Jenny Lewis.  I’ve had a big crush on her, she’s an indie rock darling, she’s cute, she makes great music, and unfortunately she’s taken.  Sigh. Regardless of how I feel about her, its her music that is truly important here.  What appears on this album is a connection of two energies, that creates a lot of fun music.  At this point you’ve probably heard, Big Wave, and Scissor Runner.  Two solid singles, that were…

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video for the Morning Benders’ All Day Light

The Morning Benders – “All Day Day Light” from Jack Ferry on Vimeo. Big Echo, the Morning Benders’ newest album came out months ago, and its really great; it has some of the best moments on any album I’ve heard this year.  And now that they have re-highlighted a track that I really enjoyed, I’m forced to give Big Echo another listen. Check out the video for their track All Day Light, and if you haven’t already, get out there and buy Big Echo.

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The Drums: Down By the Water video

The Drums new video for their track Down By the Water seems to be a video for a early 60’s based Happy Hands club.  The song has a slow chilled out echo vibe that’s good for listening on these last days of summer.  Check the video, and if you want grab the mp3 as well. Hear Down by the Water.

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New single from Pete Yorn, Velcro Straps

Pete Yorn released a new single for his upcoming self titled album.  The album will release on September 28th, from Vagrant Records.  The single, Velcro Shoes, is a stripped down rock song about the thrills of childhood, including velcro shoes, tree houses and go karts.  It’s a fun, freewheelin, jangly song thats certainly going to provide for a fun ride in the car. Pre-order his new Album.

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