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New Music | Alela Diane – About Farewell

[youtube][/youtube] [T]here are a myriad of forms and styles of folk music an artist can use to define their signature sound; traditional, contemporary, Celtic, metal (yes metal is a folk style). Portland, OR musician Alela Diane’s sound is what I like to call “elegant-folk” and the title track from her forthcoming album, About Farewell, sums up that sound perfectly. The song deals with the acceptance of loves lost and the unavoidable emotion that haunts you long after the goodbyes have been said. With that said, the song is more an honest and hopeful look towards the future rather than a…


New Music | Denver – Reno

Denver – Reno [S]low twang that is being immediately compared to the Highwaymen, Alt-Country-All-Star band Denver is made up members of Blitzen Trapper and Alela Diane’s Wild Divine.  They recently released second single “Reno,” a pedal steel heavy, weepy loneliness song that’ll make you cry in your beer.  As far as projects go, this one definitely has legs, the songwriting is great (so far) and the music sounds spectacular.  If you are looking for some slow twang, this might just be the thing for you, it is certainly piquing my interest. Their debut album will be released on August 14th…

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New Music | Denver – The Way It Is

Denver – The Way It Is [D]enver, an All-Star band based out of Portland consisting of members of Blitzen Trapper and Alela Diane’s Wild Divine. Check out their first single, “The Way It Is,” a dusty, 70’s country slow burner that feels like it belongs in a dark, lonely saloon out in the middle of the desert. The weeping slide guitar, the steady rhythm and solemn vocals all produce a Highwayman kind of feel.

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