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New Music | Right Away Great Captain – I Am Aware

Right Away, Great Captain – I Am Aware

Last week, Andy Hull released the third record / chapter by pen name Right Away, Great Captain, a songwriting tale began in ’06 on The Bitter End and on ’08’s The Eventually Home, about a sailor who “upon discovering his wife cheating on him with his brother, runs away to sea and gradually descends into a vengeful rage.”

 The Church of the Good Thief follows those up, with an intentionally solitary  and emotional sound of the crumbling world of said sailor.  “Both of the previous albums contained a lot of different settings, but my hope on this record was to have it sound like a man in a jail cell with just a guitar and a piano,” he says. “I wanted my voice to be used as a narrative during his isolation.”

Check out the single “I Am Aware,” and if that suits your fancy grab the album > The Church of the Good Thief

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Bad Books – Baby Shoes (live at CMJ)

Bad Books, the Andy Hull & Kevin Devine project were recorded playing their fantastic song ‘Baby Shoes’ at CMJ earlier this fall.  Their self-titled album was released in October and it is just fantastic.  They’ve been offering it up for $5 for a while now, and is well worth twice that. Buy Bad Books

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New Music | Bad Books

You Wouldn’t Have to Ask Bad Books is a side project featuring Kevin Devine and Andy Hull (of Manchester Orchestra.)  Without any real concept or reasoning other than to write music together while away from MO, the two realized an entire album together.  The self-titled debut was released October 19th, 2010 via Favorite Gentlemen Recordings, the record label that was founded and has been run by Manchester Orchestra since 2007. What comes out is 35 minutes of really good music.  Although you can hear the differences (or what seems to be differences) between songs written by Devine and Hull respectively,…

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