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New Music | Barna Howard – Indiana Rose

Through semblances of Townes Van Zandt, Barna Howard seems to be finding himself embedded into a time and place that isn’t 2015 and frankly I’m enjoying it a ton. His small-town folk sensibility seems to be a creative driving force behind his upcoming record, Quite a Feelin’. On new track “Indiana Rose,” Howard laments a love-lost and regret, it’s this sense of reflection and the imagery he uses within his writing that makes this song familiar even as it is brand new. Howard seems to have captured something with this one, that instantly creates a sense of nostalgia, and pure…


New Music | Barna Howard – Timber Nails and Tears

Barna Howard – Timber Nails And Tears [B]ack in January I featured Barna Howard, the Missouri native, ex-steamboat pilot, singer songwriter who sounds like he was cut straight from the Townes Van Zandt cloth.  His simplistic voice and guitar strumming create a sincere, back yard sound that really enhances his song “Timber Nails and Tears,” serves as a somber longing for something / someone left behind. His self-titled record was self-recorded in a damp Portland basement studio and was released in February via Mama Bird Recording Company. The debut record serves as a simple, completely stripped-down introduction. Buy Barna Howard

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New Music | Barna Howard – Promise I Won’t Laugh

Barna Howard – Promise I Wont Laugh Missouri’s Barna Howard  weaves gentle narrative on his “Promise I Won’t Laugh,” single debut that I’m finding to be one damn beautiful song.  You can hear his influences as he seems to wear them on his sleeve here (Young, Van Zandt much?) as he sings simple music that sounds extremely earnest, heartfelt and engaging. His self-titled record was recorded in Portland in a basement studio and set to be released 2/21.

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